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Martin Lewis who taught Hopper

Discussion in 'Talking Pictures' started by Catriona, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

  2. RovingMike

    RovingMike Crucifixion's a doddle...

    Interesting. The proportions look photographic. Did he work from photos?
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  3. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    I don't know. I was only pointed his way by an American friend this morning. Must look into his work more.
  4. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    Very nice.
  5. Dan S

    Dan S Well-Known Member

    They are lovely
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  6. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    Those are wonderful.
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  7. Geren

    Geren Well-Known Member

    Love those. Rather like the site too - could lose more time than I really have in browsing that!
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  8. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    I agree. Some great articles to browse. Must stop and get dressed! Ha!
  9. RovingMike

    RovingMike Crucifixion's a doddle...

    When I started in advertising we still turned a lot of pictures into etchings and line drawings, just like in 19th century. Halftone repro didn't work well on most newsprint. If you used as coarse as 65 screen, you got a really rough image and if less, it blocked up all over the place and you got show-through.

    I remember a great campaign for Babycham that was all scraperboard. I wonder where those wonderful commercial artists went?
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  10. beatnik69

    beatnik69 Well-Known Member

    He's doing very well for himself with his Money Savings Expert website. :D
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  11. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    HE drives me up the wall! Hyper!
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