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Manual audio gain control petition! Please sign!

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by gghh, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. gghh

    gghh New Member

    Please sign this petition to encourage sony to add manual gain control on its cameras, especially the A77!


    Manual gain control is a feature that allows the camera user to set the sound level during video recording. It is a very important feature for any decent camera, the Sony Alpha SLT-A77 included. Disappointingly, Sony has not included this feature, and so the cameras have only auto gain control (AGC). AGC, which applies both to internal and external microphones (yes - it ruins even the audio from pro mics!), automatically sets the sound levels depending on how loud the audio signal is, so if someone is speaking, it's fine but if the enviroment is quiet, the camera will amplify the ambient sounds, rendering the audio useless with hissing, humming and lens noise, even with a professional external microphone.
    This means that the A77 is useless for recording decent audio, because AGC renders the audio utterly useless with hissing even if it is recorded with a high quality microphone.
    Canon and Nikon have already caught on to these problems and solved them by adding gain control to their cameras, but Sony hasn't done anything! Many potential Sony A77 buyers have said that the lack of gain control is a deal-breaker for them... Continued on petition

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