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Lumix card size

Discussion in 'Panasonic Chat' started by Littleted, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Littleted

    Littleted Member

    Morning gents, my dad's treatingme to one of these when he buys his Sony a7, so I had a few questions..

    1. How big are the 4k video files is there any specs that depict what the file size grows by per min.
    2. Do I need sdxc or will sdHC work. I've been looking at the 90mb/sec cards but also wanted to know if the slower 40mb/sec will work and any benefits in getting the newer 200mb/sec ones?

    after market batteries any good ones, or shall I just buy the proper ones, any advice on when cheap, I'm currently looking at photo specialist.

    rucksack type bags I've seen this which is ok, their IPad cases are very very very good


    thanks gents

  2. Andy Westlake

    Andy Westlake AP Staff

    To answer the card questions:

    1) The spec that tells you the size of movie files is the bit-rate, which is usually expressed in Megabits per second (Mbps). You don't say which Lumix model you're getting, but the GH4 for example can record at up to 200Mbps, which equates to one minute of footage taking up 1.5GB of card space. The FZ1000 can record at up to half that rate, i.e. 100Mbps. You can however record at lower bit rates and still get very good quality footage.

    2) SDHC cards work just fine, and SDXC is only necessary for high-capacity cards. Likewise Class 10 cards (10 MB/s = 80Mbps) will be fast enough unless you want to record at the highest bit-rates; then you'll need the more expensive U3 cards.

    Regarding third party batteries, if you get a reputable brand such as Hahnel from an established retailer, you should be fine. Bags are basically all down to personal preference - in general cheap ones really aren't as good as more expensive ones, but that's only to be expected.
  3. Littleted

    Littleted Member

    Thanks Andy it's the 1000 I will be getting. Ok great stuff, i,ll start looking at a few cards for my hols.
  4. brumtog

    brumtog Member

    I made the mistake of buying non-Panasonic batteries for my FZ40. They seemed a good deal, 3 with a charger for less a single Lumix, on eBay. The camera rejected two of them and the one that worked didn't give me as many shots as the "real thing". :( As a spare for my new FZ200 I went for the real deal at £50 and feel a lot more confident with it.

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