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Loss Adjusters - Your View

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Mark101, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Mark101

    Mark101 Well-Known Member

    Sadly this summer a leak was spotted in my kitchen which, over a period of time, damaged not only the kitchen but also the utility room, downstairs loo, pantry, dining room and under stairs cupboard. The leak was found to be the hot water pipe running from the pantry to the kitchen sink. This resulted in about £3000 worth of tiles being dug up and trashed, most of my kitchen being pulled apart, plaster off walls etc, well I think you get the picture. The Loss adjuster appointed by the Insurance Company was a nightmare to deal with and although he was very polite, between him and the contractors I don't think any part of the job ran smoothly. They managed to damage the kitchen pulling up the tiles, knock holes in walls just attaching short lengths of skirting board, damaged my cloakroom washbasin, totally bodge the decorating and paint over black mould, initially expect me to live with 4 industrial dehumidifiers and fans for two months, which ran causing 98 dBa of noise, created a temp of 34 Deg C and covered every surface in dust and dirt to the extent we has to wash everything before cooking - I put a stop to this little exercise after 4 days. Some of my furniture was taken away and returned damaged, and despite assurances otherwise, I had to pack much of my belonging into boxes and store them in bedrooms and then unpack everything, wash and place it back in situ. I demanded boxes for two weeks and what arrived finally were flimsy archive storage boxes that couldn't even take the weight of four dinner plates. After 20 week of living hell my home still isn't back to how it was and I've lodged a complaint in the form of a 7 page letter with my Insurance Company, detailing everything that went wrong. My question is this: Do many people have problems with Loss Adjusters and is what I've experienced, pretty much par for the course ?
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  2. LargeFormat

    LargeFormat Well-Known Member

    You have had a rough time. I have had to deal with three loss adjusters over the years. In all cases I have felt I was well treated to the extent of coming out of it better than I expected. The first I was acting for a neighbour who had a freeze burst in the roofspace. The second was when I complained that the water company had taken months to fix a mains leak in the road after numerous denials that the water entering my basement was anything to do with them. The last was my brother's house where again the pipes in the roof froze. He had died in bed so the water flowed for many days and it was so cold it froze inside so there was a real mess.
  3. Alex1994

    Alex1994 Well-Known Member

    A real nightmare. I don't know if this information from the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters is of any help.
  4. miked

    miked Well-Known Member

  5. nspur

    nspur Well-Known Member

    I think you've had an unusually bad time. Loss adjusters are there to value the damage fairly, one hopes. My home insurance is underwritten by a Lloyds syndicate and the few claims I've had have either been paid on the spot or the loss adjusters have been very fair in settlement.
  6. Mark101

    Mark101 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys :) I've just had the icing on the cake through my letter box, yes, it's messy again. The contractors were supposed to take electricity meter readings so the amount of power could be estimated. The loss adjuster gave me £100 but a bill has just arrived for almost £200 over the period of a month and remember I wasn't even in the house for over two weeks !

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