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Logging in with Firefox and Win 7 Pro

Discussion in 'Computer Related Help & Discussion' started by pilliwinks, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. pilliwinks

    pilliwinks Well-Known Member

    First, I know that this is related to this actual computer - a theoretically identical computer a few feet away functions correctly. However, on this one, any attempt to log in just puts me back at the same place I started, and not logged in.

    Using the "Clear Cookies" button gives a "404 page not found" error.

    Clearing cookies via Firefox has no effect.

    Using both cookie cleanup add ons suggested in a thread a year or two back has no effect.

    Using Firefox to block cookies from the AP site has no effect.

    When browsing while not logged in, I can view active posts, but as soon as I hit the "next" button I get the "you can't make another search at this time" message.

    Opera works fine...

    Firefox is the latest version, all Win 7 Professional updates installed.
  2. Kettering_Jeremy

    Kettering_Jeremy Well-Known Member


    Uninstall Firefox & re-install it.

    I assume you are using a firewall and antivirus software, so check the firewall settings in case you are blocking access.

    Try downloading the free version of Malwarebytes, and letting it scan your computer.

    Good luck.
  3. pilliwinks

    pilliwinks Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I now seem to be back in, and everything working. That's the wonder of Windows I suppose. Now if I could only make my Win7 (Home) laptop find the Win7 Prof desktops I'd be happy. A Google search shows it's a common problem with no known solution that works for everyone. But I'm not raising that here...

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