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Loch view, colour, mono or upside down for fun? (3 images)

Discussion in 'Appraisal Gallery' started by Helander, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Helander

    Helander Well-Known Member

    A standard loch view.
    It was the foreground that interested me, the leaves and colours in the calm waters but the light was harsh.
    Cant decide on colour, mono or the slightly unconventional (for me) flipped version or none at all.




    I understand the flipped picture is a little off the wall but the 'sky' appeared to create an illusion like a large alien body was about to make impact on the planet.
    Before anyone asks, no drink or drugs were consumed during this post. :eek:

    All are taking a big compression quality hit.
    Thanks for looking.
  2. Parsen66

    Parsen66 Well-Known Member

    Colour version for me please. I was torn between that and the mono but I felt it lacked punch.

    The trees etc to the right really draw the eye into the image. Excellent foreground interest with a great colour contrast.

    As for the flipped version, you're messing with my head man! I see what you mean about an alien invasion. I now have an urge to craft using mash potatoe!
  3. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    Colour and the right way round...
  4. Helander

    Helander Well-Known Member

    It messes with my head too, I keep returning to it for some reason.

  5. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    Colour, right way up too. It could be worth experimenting with the flip thing though as another scene may work better.

    Incidentally, I rather like the left half of the image as a square crop...
  6. Ednewbie

    Ednewbie Well-Known Member

    First colour one for me, though the b&w does have something.
  7. Roger Hicks

    Roger Hicks Well-Known Member

    Upside down is the easy winner for me.


  8. Helander

    Helander Well-Known Member

    Zou, you're a genius. Really like the square crop on the left hand side concentrating on the island, thanks.
  9. spinno

    spinno Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of vertical panorama on the LHS with the island at the top....but that's me;)
  10. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    :cool: Just had to quote that for posterity!

    Out of interest, which loch is it?
  11. Helander

    Helander Well-Known Member

    It's Loch Arkaig, it was just a recce trip for some autumn colour when the trees decide to do their magic.
  12. George W Johnson

    George W Johnson Well-Known Member

    I was thinking something similar. I don't like the way the trees almost seem cut off in the top right of #1 ( which is the one for me ), thinking it might work better with the right cropped off more to give a bit more breathing room in the sky.
  13. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    Personally I like the mono version but would like to see a bit more light in it...


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