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location needed for outdoor shoot

Discussion in 'Photographic Locations' started by phill900r, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. phill900r

    phill900r New Member

    Hi, I have a model who wants an outside shoot done in bikini & maybe topless near & in water but it has to be quiet & not many people around, she has only ever done one photo shoot before she Is very shy hence location.

    does anyone on here know of anywhere, near Corby or surrounding areas.

    I have been searching google earth but it's not very detailed
  2. flipster

    flipster Well-Known Member

    hi...think you might have to travel a bit....norfolk....suffolk maybe
  3. phill900r

    phill900r New Member

    she has now decided she's not bothered about water.
    Anywhere outside, as long as it's quiet, & it has to be pretty, (I don't know what pretty means)
  4. flipster

    flipster Well-Known Member

    My garden ??? Got a pond and everything!
  5. pete1w

    pete1w Well-Known Member

    if you are prepared to travel old hunstanton has lots of sand dunes and old beach huts. get there nice and early for the morning light and there is hardly a soul around. really beautiful place. brancaster is a lovely beach and a bit further afield wells next the sea has lots of colourful beach huts for your model to pose against.
  6. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    Are there any woods or a forest in your area? Pretty, quiet and secluded
  7. George W Johnson

    George W Johnson Well-Known Member

    Ditto the suggestion of Norfolk, anywhere from Hunstanton around to Holme on the Norfolk coast is very quiet and so big that you quickly disappear from sight.

    Inland you have Thetford forest, that's pretty big place with lots of roads with parking places you can walk from.
  8. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    Since when has Norfolk been near Corby?!!! :confused:

    To the OP - the best you can do is drive up the coast first and scout a location. You want somewhere that won't have easy access or be near the towns & villages if you want it to be secluded but bear in mind that dog walkers often like off the beaten track and secluded spots too. The model needs to be aware that you're going to be in a public place and therefore there might be people there.

    I'd be wary of doing a shoot like this with such an inexperienced model. You're not going to get the best out of her if she's self-conscious or afraid that you might be stumbled upon.

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