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Lightweight approaches!

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by nmarley, Feb 23, 2001.

  1. nmarley

    nmarley New Member

    Thanks for your replies all your comments have been valuable. However I may have phrased my query wrong. I am not looking for subjective aesthetical B & W photographs that project an amiable view of the situation. My aim is to feel the experience of being homeless. I am being objective - with what happens -therefore playing victim (so to speak), in other words I am not out to overlook anyone else's unfortunate plight. I want to know and be able to show what it is like and how you would manage if your were in that position.

    There is something contaminating about projecting a camera in front of someone even if they are cooperating - I would sooner undertake a portrait exercise on the subject at hand. Anonymously taking shots should put me in the right circumstance to cross the them & us barrier that comes through all circles of life.

    Imagine that I'm in the corner of a subway etc I will fire of shots when people walk past. Normally when this happens people do one of two things. 1 - they ignore the person or 2 they talk or give money. Well I would like to be that person sat on the floor - in order to get a first hand account of what it is like to be homeless. I want to ask people on the tube and document their reactions by taking pictures at the same time. And what happens after you pass these people - ? I hope to find out.

    That's I why I need a camera that can do this. I understand the ethical principles about photographing without consent, but I am really doing this for a personnel reason and not to simply exploit the unfortunate - so yes I suppose one could call it selfish!. Perhaps my results will uncover a terrible misconception people hold about beggars? Who knows - that is one of the reasons I want to find out.

    I will let you all know how it goes. But all I can say is within the realm of photojournalism, one must take risks to achieve results. So I hope that my endeavours will be rewarding.


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