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Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by Eborhermit, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Eborhermit

    Eborhermit New Member

    I have a Sony a330 and a mate has offered me first crack at a Minolta Dynax 500si both cameras have the A mount fitting can I use the Minolta Dynax 550si lenses on the Sony using the manual setting one lens is 28-80 the other is 75-300 Thank you
  2. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    The lenses should be fully compatible with the Sony and will work in auto and manual modes and focus, assuming they are of Minolta manufacture. If they are third-party lenses (such as Sigma) this may not apply.
  3. frank1

    frank1 Well-Known Member

    If it's a friend then you should be able to try them out. Though they will work or I'll eat my hat.
  4. Eborhermit

    Eborhermit New Member

    Thanks double checked at a shop and was told when Minolta was bought by Sony they kept the A fitting. The lenses will work but with a reduced depth of field.
  5. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    I am not quite sure what you mean by this?
  6. frank1

    frank1 Well-Known Member

    You'll get a cropped factor of 1.5 or there abouts because the lens is a full frame lens fitting to a Sony cropped sensor. This will just reduce the field of view. Think of a film frame and reduce it by a factor of 1.5.
  7. Roger_Provins

    Roger_Provins Well-Known Member

  8. PeteE

    PeteE Well-Known Member

    I just did a Video on my Minolta A fit lenses and show some actual print results showing the sharpness -- I show the famous 'Beercan' too !! Maybe it would help you to have a look ?


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