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Kodak d&p - DON'T

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by tamos, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. tamos

    tamos Member

    Kodak have recently destroyed my photos from the christening of our friends first child. Not only are what prints they produced appalling but they have damaged and even destroyed negatives. For the safety of your own images don't use them and make sure whoever does develop your C41 doesn't just send it to Kodak. Here's a copy of the faults I reported. I am waiting on a response from them.

    Kodak Processing Companies Ltd
    Treefield Ind Est
    West Yorkshire
    LS27 7JU

    I am having to return a recent order because of the disgusting service which I have received.

    You have produced prints of this size from this film in the past and the results have been satisfactory. On this occasion however, nothing about the results even comes close to the service you purport to offer as photographic processors.

    What prints I did receive feature a dirty uneven purple and brown colour cast rather than the sepia tone yourself and others processors have previously managed.

    The prints are badly marked from dust at the point of printing.

    Prints were stuck together.

    Edges of prints were dented and ripped.

    Prints were presented out of order.

    The first frame of one roll was not even printed.

    The last frame of one roll was not even printed.

    The last but one frame of one roll was not reprinted.

    The first nine frames of the other roll were not printed at all.

    At least ten images are missing from the end of this roll.

    The state of the prints is appalling but they are problems that could have be fixed if not for the damage inflicted by you upon my negatives.

    The negatives are filthy with dust.

    The negatives are filthy with drying marks.

    The negatives are filthy with fingerprints

    The negatives are filthy with what appears to be wet foot prints.

    Strips feature a scratch down the centre of all frames.

    Strips have been cut into various lengths.

    Every cut on one film is through a frame.

    The other roll is cut and finished with tape through frame 27.

    The rest of the roll is completely absent.

    You have destroyed the images from the christening of our friends first child.

    I am completely disgusted with the service I have received. It seems incomprehensible that any photographic processor could have inflicted such damage let alone one trading under the name of Kodak.

    The incompetence with which this order has been treated exceeds negligence and borders on maliciousness.
  2. Reading

    Reading Well-Known Member

    Dont worry, I know - and I feel your pain.

    In fact they are soo bad that Boots in Reading refuse to send them films anymore. When they were busy they used to sub the 3 day service out to Kodak but no more.
  3. Chris Cool

    Chris Cool Retired

    I use my local shop for family snaps and I usually ask the operator if she had a good nights sleep, didn’t party too late, didn’t drink to much, hasn’t got a headache or had a row with her boyfriend or mother-in-law etc etc…

    Ok so I lied… but I do say to her in my nicest voice “These are priceless photos of my family, please take care”, and so far I’ve had 100% success. Of course, the pics come out bog standard but at least I can see ‘em…

    The moral of the story is to send them to someone you can trust… why not try our David… on here, who I know will personally watch over whatever you send him…

    Good luck with your complaint…

    Chris [​IMG]
  4. Simon E.

    Simon E. Well-Known Member

    Same goes for Colourcare. Kodak bought them out earlier this year and both results and customer service have nosedived since then.

    My own experience was confirmed by the customer helpline at Moss Pharmacies, whose branches the Walsall lab uses as pick-up points.

    What was once a good, reliable place to get your films done is now a truly awful service. I wouldn't use it if you paid me.

  5. tamos

    tamos Member

    The reason I used Kodak (via a Jacobs store) was because I had vouchers for free printing from Colourcare. I forget the reasons why I got the vouchers but it was nothing nearly as bad as this. I never should have used this service for important photos (the christening of friends first child) but I'd thought I'd get big (9*6) prints for the parents and extra sets could go to the grandparents. Stupid but you never expect such a catalogue of damage.
  6. wesforee

    wesforee Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about this shocking experience with pictures of an unrepeatable event.

    In the summer I took some wedding photos to my local Boots and someone 'accidentally' sent them to the Kodak central lab - the prints were awful. At first glance I thought I had well and truly cocked up the exposure, but then realised they hadn't been printed by the usual bloke on the Frontier machine. He reprinted them and they were the usual high standard.

    Fortunately the negs hadn't been damaged so the prints were fine.
  7. parisian

    parisian Well-Known Member

    That's a good point Chris, why don't we keep our work in house and all send him our work. We know he needs the cash /img/wwwthreads/wink.gif and it might save him from having to sell off all that lovely gear.

    [​IMG] The coolest cock on here!
  8. Simon E.

    Simon E. Well-Known Member

    I'm sure there are plenty of times when these services work OK, but if you really have one-off unrepeatable rolls of film you're better off paying a bit extra at a proper lab.

    What do I call a proper lab? Places like Colab, Peak Imaging, and possibly Lab 35. Cutting corners will end in tears. I'm not suggesting these labs never have problems, but I bet they have a lot fewer than the clowns who operate Boots and Colourcare d&p lines. I certainly won't EVER use Colourcare again.

  9. Chris Cool

    Chris Cool Retired

    The Pro lab is here...

    <center><h3>Read my lips...</h3></center>

    <center><h3>... we have someone on this forum</h3></center>

    <center><h3>who will look after your special films...</h3></center>

    <center>our very own David S…</center>

    Chris [​IMG]... don't mess about, send it to the main man!
  10. Lounge_Lizard

    Lounge_Lizard Well-Known Member

    Re: The Pro lab is here...

    Thanks Chris but my outfit has to be on the ball here 'cos if we cock up then I am in your midst and in your gunsights.

    I'm not saying this is why some labs cock up but it's also interesting to be on the other side of the fence at times. We get 600x400 pixel images sent to our internet printing service and the customer thinks that the 6x4 inch prints they ordered aren't very good. We get rolls of film with half a dozen images on them and customers demand to know why we haven't printed them all !!! Even worse, they blame our developing for correctly processing some frames and not others.

    I find it amazing what Joe Public accepts. Some people are very discerning and I respect that but they shouldn't expect a £25 hand-printed enlargement for a £4.99 price - we can do it if they are prepared to pay for it. Some customers have some really badly exposed, poorly focussed and ill-composed pictures but they think the world of them.

    We just do our best to give the customers the best result we can. What is sacrosanct, however, is care of the customer's original materials. Quality control is a high priority but original image quality is in the hands of the customer. We can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

  11. Chris Cool

    Chris Cool Retired

    Re: The Pro lab is here...

    Well, what I was trying to say David was that if someone asked you to keep an eye on things because the films were important, then you would… of course, the price would be above the standard rate, but at least we would know that we were paying the engine driver and not the oil rag for his time…

    People don’t mind paying a bit more for service if they know they can trust the person/s they are dealing with…

    I’ll stake my rep ( have I got one ? :) on you anyday… so, if you want a standard ( for everyday films/digital images) or special treatment ( for those special films/digital images)… hit me with your mouse

    Chris [​IMG]… hey Dave… them five bob postal orders don’t go far you know :)


    I hope that the AP Staff read this thread and use the story to highlight what seems to be a Kodak major fault.

  13. RADAR

    RADAR Active Member

    I wrote to AP about this matter after the take over of the colourcare group at easter 2002 and no letter was printed or no follow ups taken, I only presume that AP must get a large back hander as well as all those free films that they give away. I posted a warning of service quality on this forum but even an appearance on bbc watchdog hasnt helped any, I dont use kodak anymore whether film or processing or equipment, just dont part with your money and soon they may get the message.
    I was going to use jessops but guess where they send there films if they dont process on site. Touch wood no problems as yet with york excel or colab or dlab ... the best has to be fuji mail order ... quality.
  14. Burgy

    Burgy In the Stop Bath

    Re: The Pro lab is here...

    "Some customers have some really badly exposed, poorly focussed and ill-composed pictures"

    David, I did ask you not to comment publically about my photographs

    LOL (I dont know why I put LOL, my pictures usually are "badly exposed, poorly focussed and ill-composed pictures")


    Its not what you've got, its who you do it to. http://www.pressfotos.co.uk
  15. tamos

    tamos Member

    Kodak took two and a half weeks to do the reprints. Two free processing vouchers were stapled to a 'with compliemts' slip. No mention of the damage done or an apology. I intend to take the matter up with Kodak's head office and AP (I'll send negs and some of the original prints).

    Also, the Headrow, Leeds Jessops is being overwhelmed because people are refusing to send stuff to Kodak and want their processing handled instore.

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