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K20D report in AP 12/04/2008.

Discussion in 'Pentax Chat' started by Monobod, Apr 5, 2008.

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  1. Ian_E

    Ian_E Well-Known Member

    I find this whole thread quite disappointing. I am a relative newcomer to photography and I have found the likes of Monobod, Zou, Johngass et al very helpful in the Pentax room.
    I feel however that it is not evryone's right to express their own aopinion without somekind of backlash (it seems..).
    I see Gnabgnab has been banned.
    I, in truth have fpound moderators as helpful as everyone else on the whole but find comments such as these...
    sarcastic and less than helpful, as I have previously been subject to this type of response when asking for help in the help room, by the same Lounge Lizard
    How is one supposed to improve as a photogrpaher if there is this type of attitude, from a Moderator who I would have thought shoud be setting an example. It doesn't encourage me to ask for help or express an opinion, whereas the likes of Monobod have helped me on several occasions.
    All very disappointing.
  2. huwevans

    huwevans Not Really Here

    Moderator: Sarcasm per se is not against the rules of the forum. The basic rule for these situations is as I quoted above. Within the confines of that all members of the forum are free to deal with points made by other people as they wish, including, if they feel that the circumstances warrant it, with sarcasm.

    Frankly, speaking as the mod who has been trying to prevent this thread from getting like so many others where a review has produced a result that isn't what some people wanted, I think the post you are questioning was really pretty mild by the standards we operate here. If we thought that was a genuine problem, and tried to prevent people challenging each other's views at that sort of level we would be stifling debate to such an extent that I doubt there would be any real value in the forums at all.

    Well, yes - that's just the point. You are allowed to express your opinion, but it's a two-way street. In exercising your right you have also to accept that others have the same right, and are free to disagree with the opinion you express or to challenge it, as robustly as they might wish. It cannot be any other way.

    Regarding the ban, the forum member in question was banned for a clear and decisive violation of forum rules, after having been explicitly warned about his conduct. The temporary ban was made permanent after the member further breached the rules by registering a duplicate user account and posting yet another challenge to the moderation of the boards. That is an action which results in an automatic, permanent ban, without exception. Basically, when people decide that they want to cause trouble, we ban them. It's that simple.

    Finally, yet again let me remind forum members that the grievance procedure is quite clear - read the rules again if you have forgotten what they say on the matter. Challenging the moderation on the open forums is not acceptable, and is likely to result in a suspension. Challenging the moderation when you have been explicitly warned not to do that is the unmistakable mark of a determined troublemaker, and there's only one way that's going to end up.

    Now, moderating this thread has taken up as much of my time as I'm prepared to tolerate, so once again it is closed. Move on.
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