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K10D - What you wanted?

Discussion in 'Pentax Chat' started by Damien_Demolder, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Damien_Demolder

    Damien_Demolder Well-Known Member

    If you have bought a K10D are you happy with it? Is it the camera you have been waiting for, and do you feel it will help you stay with Pentax? Do you prefer DNG or PEF if you shoot raw?

    If you were thinking about buying one, but have decided not to, why?

    I'm trying to assess the impact of the camera and its new functions to see how well Pentax has met the needs of its users. I know what I think of the camera - but I'm not you.


  2. welshwizard645

    welshwizard645 Well-Known Member

    I was thinking of buying one, but not yet because:

    a) rumours of higher end model - a K1D, something to compete with the D2 Nikon
    b) waiting for the DA* lenses
    c) perfectly happy with the quality from *ist D (still have loads of pictures to edit from last year)
    d) loads of film in the fridge still....
    e) small matter of other expenses to contend with

    I have actually handled one last week in Munich, interface not entirely dissimilar to that on my *ist DL, so even though the menus were in German I could find my way around very easily.....I would need a grip for it though.
  3. johnriley1uk

    johnriley1uk Well-Known Member

    I have bought one, and the 10.2MP has given a distinct jump inquality on the A3 prints I make. They are smoother, with more detail.

    Otherwise, the handling is like any other Pentax camera, and is exactly what I expected it to be. Ergonomically, it's outstanding.

    I would not change willingly to another marque, but if I had to Nikon would be the only other choice but it does not have the classic simplicity of the Pentax design ethos.
  4. Alex1994

    Alex1994 Well-Known Member

    I would consider it, but I'd like to see the Samsung GX10 test first.

    Plus more information on the 'blotchy highlights' issue, and Pentax's comments.

  5. johnriley1uk

    johnriley1uk Well-Known Member

    Personally, I haven't seen any blotchy highlights, but then I don't use the same lenses that Damien used in his test, so maybe that's a factor.
  6. PentaxManiac

    PentaxManiac Well-Known Member

    I am buying one shortly, once I have a decent computer to go with it!

    This will be my first digital camera, and I'm buying it because it's a Pentax, so I have lenses I can use, if not flashguns. Also, I know the quality of Pentax.

    If I wasn't so set on the K10D, but was considering buying a DSLR, the only thing I would perhaps wonder about is its size: when I've seen it in shop windows I've been surprised at how small it is.
  7. Alex1994

    Alex1994 Well-Known Member

    That's interesting. Have you taken any shots at night?

  8. johnriley1uk

    johnriley1uk Well-Known Member

    It's interesting how perceptions are different - i thought the K10D was relatively large for a Pentax! It's certainly bigger and heavier than the *istDS that it replaced.

    Alex, no night shoots yet, but some serious contre-jour shots that were handled impeccably. Try this ePhotozine picture of mine:

  9. Alex1994

    Alex1994 Well-Known Member

    That's great - I would certainly have no problems with quality like that! And to be honest, I doubt that I would take many night shots myself (at least not with an expensive SLR!).

  10. Jerry_Alden

    Jerry_Alden New Member

    I received my K10D just before Christmas (an upgrade from my Ist* D)
    Handling is so similar that I had it running right away.
    I haven’t used the new modes yet, but the fn button makes use easier
    and the new Firmware upgrade lets you change the ISO by pressing the OK button and turn the front wheel.
    Most of my Images are saved in JPG but PEF would be my preferred RAW file (I think I read some ware that its saved at a higher bit rate)

    The only disappointment is that none of my Flashguns work in TTL Mode.
  11. john60wales

    john60wales Well-Known Member

    On the wole I'm happy with my K10D - its a wonderfully built camera & feels solid in the hand. When I tried the Canon 400D it just seemed too small & plasticy for me. To be honest the Nikon 80 also felt right in my hand but I eventually went for the Pentax as I had several lenses hanging around that would fit it.
    Probably unlike most people on these forums I often shoot in Jpeg &, slightly less often in RAW. It all depends on the situation. I can find no difference, in quality, between the .png & .dng.
    I also found that the default Jpeg setting [natural] gave, for me at least, a slightly washed-out quality to the photos. Changing this [to Bright] helped the photos a great deal.
    The cons of this camera [for me at least] are the battery, the camera should be able to take bog standard AA for use in an emergency. The fiddly battery/card door catches are also not great for my clumpy fingers & the fact that although the body is pretty well sealed against moisture the standard lens isn't. The lack of lenses is no problem, as so far I've only changed the lenses around once - the bog standard jobbie does most things I want.
    I'm also learning that changing over from a Film camera to digital isn't all plain sailing - I'm having to get used to a slightly different way of doing things. Call me naive but I just didn't expect that.
    Though nowt to do with the camera itself, I also found it almost impossible to buy the camera as body only in my local camera shop. Yes I know I could have purchased it in 101 places online but in the event of a problem I like to meet face to face with the person who sold me the camera - I find online shopping is great as long as there are no problems!
    Am I glad I purchased it? Yes but I wish I'd waited until the prices start to fall first.
  12. Reuben0

    Reuben0 New Member

    I'm a long time user of the *istD and the K10D was almost exactly what I wanted :)

    It's much faster (which was my main complaint with the *istD), has better image quality and even a more sensible name (!), while retaining the classic Pentax ease of use.

    I haven't been getting Damien's "holes in the paper", which may be because I've been processing RAW in Silkypix, and the combination has been giving me terrific, almost film-like, results.

    My only real complaints with the K10D are mostly to do with compatibility with older equipment:

    1/ Pentax didn't include the aperture coupler, which would have allowed easier use of pre-A lenses.

    2/ They removed support for TTL flash (now only P-TTL).

    3/ They removed high-speed flash mode from the popup flash (and reduced it's power), which was present on the *ist D.

  13. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    Morning Rueben,

    No reply or questions....just a welcome to the AP Forums and, bravo, for having such
    great taste in camera gear :D


  14. Monobod

    Monobod Phantom of the forum

    Hi Damien,

    I am still considering the K10D. I have been a Pentax devotee for many years and use a Z1-P with 3 zooms (28-105, 70-210 one touch manual focus, the 80-320 and a prime 50mm F1.7. I also have a set of 3 extension tubes and various other odds and ends including an SV with a 55mm F1.8 Super Takumer lens. So I am well provided with compatible kit if I do jump in.

    My main problem is that just over a year ago I bought an E-500 twin lens kit because Pentax had not released an 8mp with dust protection at that time and I wasn't convinced that they would for some time to come.

    I now have split loyalties and Oly are releasing 3 new bodies in early March, hopefully with live view, IS and a proven dust buster. I am impressed with the 4/3rds system and would like to continue with it.

    My film lenses may not perform as well as the digital versions, so I would end up probably buying new Pentax lenses as well eventually.

    To be honest, I am totally confused now as what is best. My heart says Pentax, my head says Olympus. I might solve this dilema by keeping the E-500 for business use and buying the K10D for pleasure.

    The Oly is noisy at high ISO (even at 400) and I believe the K10D is much better, another reason to change perhaps. Whatever I do, it will have to be right as it will be my last body purchase for many years to come. There are other demands on my income.

  15. colindavis

    colindavis Well-Known Member

    Hi Damien

    I ordered my K10 and took receipt of it early in January. As a user of pentax film equipment MZ60 and latterly the ist I was very happy with the marque but with the growth of digital I really wanted to get into it.Had a couple of non pentax compacts but couldn't afford the jump to the istD when it came out.The subsequent models always appeared to fall short of canons and nikons but I was attracted to their backward compatability with my lenses.So when it was announced that Pentax were working on the K10 last spring I think it was I was very keen to see the fruit of their labour.I did buy a Samsung GXL and found it worked well with my old lenses so this whetted my appetite even further. After the delays my anticipation could take no more so bought it on the strength of the publicity and your preview of the camera. I was not disappointed. It's not a Nikon or a Canon, it is a very individual Pentax, uniquely itself and I think that's whats really important about it.I bought it with the battery grip and I love taking pictures with it.The RAW options are a real bonus offering DNG as well as PEF.This has become my preferred option now using JPEG only for quick snaps.

    Not long after I bought mine I went to the local Jessops to buy another memory card. Had the boys seen the K10? No and were really impressed with it when I took it out.

    It's changed the way I think about taking pictures, it's a joy to use and I'm glad I bought it.

    Sorry, was I gushing a bit too much there???

  16. HelenEdith

    HelenEdith Well-Known Member

    Hello Damien

    I haven't bought one - yet!

    I agree with john60wales over the battery. I've got an *ist DS and I run it on rechargeable batteries, which I can charge up in under an hour. A li-ion battery that takes hours to charge seems a retrograde step to me.

    I'm also in agreement with Reuben0 over the lack of an aperture coupler. I would love to be able to run my legacy lenses in aperture priority mode like I can on my Pentax MZ-M.

    I do expect to buy a K10D in due course, but I'm waiting to see if the price drops. I've also got to get my roof fixed as this wet patch keeps appearing in the ceiling over my computer when it rains...

    Right now I'm pretty happy with the *ist DS, but I've heard that the K10D has a better dynamic range, and as I've got quite a few examples of washed-out highlights courtesy of the DS, I will be hoping for better when I upgrade. I have learnt to at least partially deal with my washed-out highlights by lowering the contrast, but sometimes even that isn't enough.

    Also, like welshwizard645, I have lots of pictures from last year still to edit, so maybe I don't need to shoot any more just yet. My other half has been telling me off for not taking any decent pictures in India last year, and today he saw some of the pictures I've just edited, and is now telling me off for not having flogged them! Looks like I might be too busy to take any more photos for a while...

    Oh - and on a financial note, and apart from the leaking roof: my other half is running a Konika Minolta Z5 and says that it's like sending a boy on a man's errand to try and take any pictures with it when I go out on a night shoot with my *ist DS, so he wants a Sony Alpha to go with his Dynax lenses. I have a feeling his need for a Sony Alpha is going to take precedence over my wish to upgrade from my *ist DS, which I was perfectly happy with until Pentax announced the K10D.
  17. Monobod

    Monobod Phantom of the forum

    Hi Damien,

    Congratulation to our new editor!

    May I ask please:

    Have you come to any conclusions about the high speed processor with enhanced data handling in the K10D?

    Does it add colour detail and dynamic range as claimed?

  18. IvorETower

    IvorETower Little Buttercup

    I've got a savings plan that is due to mature mid-2007 which should leave me sufficient money to buy dSLR. Having just read a comparison test of the K10D and its Samsung equivalent, it seems a bit off that the price of the Pentax body alone is the same as the Samsung with kit zoom lens. Apart from the dedicated Pentax formatted RAW files and different types of pushbuttons, the cameras appear identical although the Samsung comes with 24 months' warranty as opposed to 12 for the Pentax.
    Will those who buy the Samsung be looked upon as cheapskates?
    I was seriously looking at the Nikon D80 but now I wonder if the Pentax is a better buy. Your thoughts please......
  19. johnriley1uk

    johnriley1uk Well-Known Member

    Whu not go into a dealer, handle both cameras and see what you think. They will both take superb images, but the spec of the Pentax K10D is closer to the D200 so you are getting incredible value for your money.
  20. Steve_Thomas

    Steve_Thomas Well-Known Member

    I've not bought one yet but it's the closest I've come to digital temptation. The crucial factors which would make me jump? A decent predictive focus mode (so I really could get that head-on shot of a flying bird) and a Canon-like frame-rate, at least 5fps and preferably 8, please. My old MX & LX both do 5fps, albeit it's a wonder they're still going. Oh yes, and a decent lens line-up - the current Pentax range is quirky (OK, I like that) but for anything longer than 77mm there are no decent primes any more... :-((

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