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K10D - Questions for the AP Review

Discussion in 'Pentax Chat' started by jeallen01, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. oldtimer

    oldtimer Well-Known Member

    I very much doubt there will be any meanungful info coming from either Pentax or Samsung - commercially confidential. Yet this is probably one of the most significant considerations. Two companies producing virtually identical models will not last for long. At best there will be a parting of the ways, at worse one or other will join the list of past names. My guess (perhaps because I am a pessimist in these matters) is that it will be Pentax who hands over the baton in much the same way as KM did.

    So my request is for a shoot out between the Sony Alpha and the Pentax K10D and the Samsung version. As far as I am concerned the Sony is definitely in the running for me, much as I would like to stick with Pentax (cannot stand Canon and find Nikon a bit of a handful). Pentax let us down by ditching not only CF bit also AAs

    Also on the question of Noise. Technology now allows some precise measurement of noise, so less of the generalisations such as "acceptable" etc. What is acceptable to AP may not be acceptable to others and vice versa.
  2. Ijs

    Ijs New Member

    That's a safe bet. I know I wouldn't have ordered my K10D if it used AAs.
  3. Monobod

    Monobod Phantom of the forum

    Someone mentioned seeing a lot of hot pixels in the photos published on the Pentax website for the K10D. I am suprised by this, but if so can they be dealt with by firmware?
  4. johnriley1uk

    johnriley1uk Well-Known Member

    The Samsung cameras and lenses are made by Pentax, and although there are minor variations it's mainly a badging exercise. Pentax are now being bought be Hoya, but the pentax Imaging division will I think continue, so no need to ditch Pentax. Hoya have bought them to make things and sell them, not to close them down...

    I'll see what noise issues there are in due course, but the "cost" of the 10.2MP has been a reduction in the minimum ISO setting to 100 and the maximum to 1600. I really don't think that matters. In any event even the little A20 produces acceptably low noise at 100 ISO, so the larger sensor of the K10D must be better.

    I would take APs staement that noise is acceptable as just that. It is probably equally acceptable from the competitor Canon, Nikon and Sony products. If that noise level is not acceptable, then probably you would need to use the K100D and accept the lower 6.1MP resolution.

    CF cards are being generally ditched as SD are smaller and that helps designers to reduce size and weight. There is no particular disadvantage to SD cards that I have found, and our old CF cards are used to transfer data from our different PCs to each other. Memory is cheap and I don't find that an issue.

    The battery question is I think two-fold. The Li-ion battery pack is more compact than 4 AA batteries so again helps to reduce size, and/or leave room for alternative components. It is actually much quicker and more convenient to insert than messing around with four separate cells that have to be fitted one particular way round. But it also has the capacity to run the Shake Reduction and whatever else and it enables many more shots to be taken on one charge. We will carry a spare battery each and that will be more than adequate.

    So, I hope a helpful reply to your points. You may have gathered that we are happy to stay with Pentax, which still in our opinion has the most elegant design ethos of all the current marques.

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