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June, 2009 - FirstView Pictures

Discussion in 'FirstViews [Archive]' started by TheFatControlleR, May 31, 2009.

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  1. TheFatControlleR

    TheFatControlleR :Devil's Advocaat: Forum Admin

    This thread is for posting of FirstView pictures for the 1st of June, 2009. Please read the main About FirstView post, if you have not done so already. You may post only one image here, and it must have been taken on the 1st of June, 2009. Please remember to include the basic details - time and place of shooting, and what we're looking at. If you want to put in a short paragraph explaining what's going on, or why you chose that one, or whatever, then please do, but keep it brief and relevant. Any discussion beyond that can go in the 'Comments' thread. Please do not post comments or other replies here - they will be deleted. This thread is for FirstView image posting only.

    The picture thread will remain open for a few days in the first instance, so please try to get your contributions in promptly. People who are perhaps away from home, or need time for film processing, or are otherwise unable to post their images in the initial time slot should pm me - I'll re-open the thread later in the month for late additions. In all cases please remember that the forum image posting rules apply (see the 'POSTING IMAGES' sticky post, which can be found in the Appraisal Gallery).

    Finally, once again I would like to draw your attention to the FirstView Gallery site - we would like as many contributors as possible to make use of this for hosting their FirstView images in order to maintain as complete an archive as possible for the future. Of course if you prefer not to you are still welcome to contribute to the FirstView threads with images hosted elsewhere.
  2. spangler

    spangler Well-Known Member


    Phew, shift over! Time to go home. :)

  3. APchris

    APchris Well-Known Member


    Inflated my kayak so I could take some pics and measurements for an email I'm sending to an American company that sells :cool: sailing rigs for inflatable boats. Hopefully one of their products will fit my kayak :)

    My deck about 9:36 this morning
  4. chr1s

    chr1s Well-Known Member


    just picked up some new toys, prior to my trip to french alps in a few weeks. excited... i think so!!!
  5. jchrisc

    jchrisc Well-Known Member

    Early sun in the back garden.

    Taken about 8:15 while I was waiting for the breakfast kettle to boil.

  6. Dorset_Mike

    Dorset_Mike Grumpy Old Fart


    Minolta 5D Tamron 17-50/2.8 @ 24mm, 1/400th F10 ISO 200 11.22am
  7. Rustyknight

    Rustyknight Well-Known Member


    A corroded wire on a relay switch that sends power to the starter motor of a Volvo 2001 marine diesel. But for the help from members of another forum, I'd probably have spent ages pulling my hair out, and possibly shelling out loads of beer tokens to marine egineer.
  8. huwevans

    huwevans Not Really Here

    Tree Problem

    General proximity of house, power line, and tree - not good! I meant to cut back this sycamore again over the winter, but just didn't get around to it. Now it's putting on new growth like nobody's business. :-(


    Date & Time: 1:18pm, 1/6/2009
    Location: In my garden, in Dorset
  9. Fen

    Fen Well-Known Member

    The Ladies 'armless!

    Been building my studio this weekend with the help of my brother. He did all the lifting and the majority of the work. I was helping by supplying tea, biscuits and fastening plasterboards to the walls.

    Found this statue at the back of the studio and took a photo of it this morning as I was cleaning the floor

  10. bench_ubbster

    bench_ubbster Well-Known Member

    Re: Chubby chillin'


    Our Beagle relaxing. He had some dental work last week, hence the shaved legs :D
  11. MartyG

    MartyG Well-Known Member

    Staying Cool


    Keeping cool in this nice summer weather ( and enjoying a beer ). Taken with a Nokia 5800 MusicXpress on a warm evening on June 1st 09.
  12. OneTen

    OneTen 'Two Breakfasts'

    Lighting The BBQ


    01 June 2009, 18:40, my garden, Devon.
  13. Wheelman

    Wheelman Well-Known Member

    Watering in the weed and feed on the front lawn Circa 6.45 Visible in corner is last panel of fence to be replaced-next weekends job.

  14. Wheelu

    Wheelu Well-Known Member

    Liebherr crane factory - Sunderland


    Seen while cycling to work this morning.

    Canon A80
  15. RonM

    RonM Alpha Napper

    Taken at 17:25, out for a walk to get a first view image after work


    Details - Alpha 900, 135mm STF lens T/4.5 @ 1/3200 ISO 200 I believe it's Hawthorn!
  16. josie

    josie Well-Known Member

    Mandarin Duck At Lotherton Bird Park

    Click to view - 161k

    Taken at Lotherton, near Leeds, around 11am today.
    canon 450D

    Moderators Note - Your image has been changed for a second time as it exceeds the 100k Forum limit.
  17. Mr_Geoff

    Mr_Geoff Well-Known Member

    Bishopsgate, City of London

    Taken on the way back from my lunchtime stroll to Spitalfields Market.
  18. bob58

    bob58 Well-Known Member

    18:54 today 40d siggy 100-300 f4
    waiting for bird to perch

  19. peterf

    peterf Well-Known Member

    Above Crynant


    First Summer Evening Walk with the Upper Tawe Ramblers.
  20. Ian_A

    Ian_A Well-Known Member

    Cat on the ledge

    Stoopid animal!
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