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Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by thelearner, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. thelearner

    thelearner Active Member

    any good/bad stories if your purchasing dslr's from jessops?

    also what are they like on bargaining a price, as the 450d is effectively discontinued do you think they would discount slightly to get rid of them?
  2. Dorset_Mike

    Dorset_Mike Grumpy Old Fart

  3. thelearner

    thelearner Active Member

    oops :p doesnt sound too good, i guess i will be visiting to try the cameras only
  4. Learning

    Learning Ethelred the Ill-Named

    Camera Price Buster publish discount codes and sometimes on particular products, Jessops wins. You cannot usually get the best price in store unless you order over the internet and collect in store.
    There are many horror stories however I have on several occasions spoken to a knowledgeable and enthusiastic assistant in the Nottingham shop. Generally the shop and window display looks a disaster. The company may well have lost its way but there are offers to be had and above all they do have at least one person with whom it is pleasant to talk with and buy from.
  5. T_Sargeant

    T_Sargeant Well-Known Member

    A little unfair bringing up the body only price, I don't remember selling a single body only 450D. Fact is, they generally don't, we don't get asked for them, so we don't stock many. 450D with kit lens Jessops is within a fiver of place like WE and a *massive* £20 more than the very cheapest (sorry, £10 including P&P!). Every company is going to have weak spots, I'm not just saying this because I work for them, but at the end of the day it's a high street shop. People can go in and make up their own minds.

    Honestly I'm getting a little sick of the Jessops bashing that happens on forums, there's not a single person I work with who isn't very much into photography. We have several amateurs with high end Nikon's and Canon's (and the glass too match), a tinkerer that uses medium format, cracked software, spends his time making pinhole cameras out of matchboxes, etc, two semi-pro club/band/wedding togs, at least two with degree's in it, the list goes on.

    No, a high street shop is never going to be the best price for everything, you're paying *us*, we give people advice, we tell people that the Vivtar lump of plastic is exactly that, we spend our days bending over backwards sometimes.

    Yes it's not the same everywhere.

    But that's retail, and that's the high street.
  6. thelearner

    thelearner Active Member

    thanks for your advice, i have never been to jessops until i go there in the next few days, and i also too disaree with comments on the internet regarding jessops , painting all jessops with the same brush because of a bad experience at one store....
  7. sillyconguru

    sillyconguru Well-Known Member

    What about those of us that have had bad experiences (note the plural) with both, poorly trained / uninformed staff, and bad company practice in more than one store? ;)

    I've just Googled and found a few of my posts on various forums (and even a reference, not by me, on Facebook) about my experiences with Jessops; that gave me a few giggles.

    Jessops haven't had my custom for a couple of years now, and that is the way it'll stay. I wouldn't even buy a roll of print film from them. I happily make a 60 mile round trip to a photographic store (Mifsuds. Oops. Did I just say that? ;)) with much more helpful / knowledgeable staff now, even if they are sometimes more expensive than Jessops.
  8. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    I am sure that there are many Jessops staff who are knowledgeable unfortunately they don't seem to be evenly distributed around the country. With the result that some stores are brilliant and others dire.

    My local store has nothing of interest visible so I don't even bother going in there. A shop window is supposed to attract customers in, not send them away in despair!
  9. AGW

    AGW Well-Known Member

    Well said Tom. For most of us they are the only option.

  10. Atavar

    Atavar Well-Known Member

    When i see a jessops window i think 'Cardboard' not 'Cameras'. If i wanted to see a photo of what i wanted before having to wait for it to arrive i'd buy my kit from the highstreet branch of Argos.

    Lately i'd go in my local branch of jessops asking for items i need or want that i know they should be able to sourse but won't or can't... Prime lenses in my local shops case, sigma lenses (i know, i'm a stinker 'aint i?) f2.8 zooms, vaious types of filters etc. A photographic shop with NO f2.8, NO prime lenses, just standard and telephoto zooms? Not so much a one stop shop as a dissapointing outlet of unfulfilment.

    Its getting to the point where i and many people i know won't walk into jessops when we pass as we just know the window display and the glass cabenets within won't hold a delicious new pleasure, just a bland old flavour that tastes stale in the mouth.

    It has been months since my local Jessies has had anything new in because its been months since my camera brand brought out a new camera body. Considering it only takes a visit to know whats in the place, whats the point in visiting again? I delight in their competitors as the second hand section and a rotateing stock in the display cabenets always has me dropping in week after week to find out whats new. If an 70-200mm f2.8 appeared in my local jessies my jaw would drop off.
  11. OneTen

    OneTen 'Two Breakfasts'

    I can understand your frustration Tom but your shop sounds like the exception rather than the norm. In the 70s and 80s Jessops was the photographic retailer but very poor management has resulted in the mess we see today. Peoples' poor opinion of Jessops is based on reality and their bad experience, personally I will never use Jessops again. Don't blame the customers, it's the fault of your management.
  12. bob58

    bob58 Well-Known Member

    i don't blame you Tom, our local jessops have excellent staff, very knowledgeable and helpful and find it a pleasure to visit
  13. Overread

    Overread Well-Known Member

    The problem with Jessopes is that as a chain store we expect a level of constant service to be offered by the company - whatever level that is we expect to get similar in each and every store of theirs we walk into. Of course there are going to be differences, but we expect some sort of constant.

    Jessopes however has failed to deliver this constant aspect in its stores - especailly with respect to staff. Some know photography inside and out and have a team of well selected staff who also know a good deal of photography basics beyond the marketing reel.
    However others have an overall far poorer grade, with staff who are not as well informed and who tend to rely upon marketing lines and catch phrases to sell their product.

    Part of this I put down to the fact that Jessopes has been without a clear company identity - they don't appear to be sure if they are the photographers shop or the average joe after a point and shoot/fancy camera shop. A lack of stock and a general falling of good staff over the whole company is pushing them more toward the latter which is a big change from their former image.

    I have to say in their defence most of my gear has come from them - at the times they were offering the best prices (and when I did a large bulk purchase with a store discount their prices were in line with online retailers - including delivery costs). They were also the only shop to price freze the cost of a sigma 70mm macro pretty much on the day that sigma did their 40%price increase. They (like other large stores I contacted) didn't have it in stock, but were the only ones who would charge me the same rate upon getting it in as opposed to the others who would raise the price to me.

    So they are not all bad, but they are lacking and the problem - as many have said - is not so much the shop floor staff, but the top management missmanaging the company and the company image. (employ the wrong store manager and you get the wrong kind of staff - and sadly they have often replaced or employed managers who are managers but not photographers - so they can build a shop around shifting stock, but the staff might not know all that much about photography outside the basics)
  14. nspur

    nspur Well-Known Member

    I think you're right to be so. I don't go to Jessops all that much but I went to my local one in Derby the other day and was surprised how knowledgeable and pleasant the staff were (the shop had had a refit and the staff were all new).
  15. Nod

    Nod Well-Known Member

    Not sure if the Exeter branch is Bob's local but there are a couple of members of staff in there who do know their stuff.

    As for prices, my last 2 bodies have both come from Jessops as they were by some margin the cheapest place on the high street (OK, strictly speaking, Fore Street!) and I prefer to get bodies locally rather than off t'interweb.
  16. thelearner

    thelearner Active Member


    thanks for the replies, i visited jessops after (practically decided on the 1000d) and had a really helpfull member of staff explain some stuff to me and let me handle the d3000 & 1000d cameras, but.......i still cannot pick one or the other, thats how evenly matched they felt.

    if you were to pick between the two what would you pick and why?

    need some opinions to read and hopefully decide :p

  17. IvorETower

    IvorETower Little Buttercup

    Neither is a bad camera, decide which you feel "happier" with, and buy that... take into account what other parts of the "system" you may wish to buy in the future... lenses, flashguns, tubes etc etc. If you're starting off now, don't be put off by people who tell you to avoid Nikon due to the need to have motorised lenses for AF to work with the D3000, as you will just need to buy this type in future. Note that almost all Nikon lenses ever made will fit the D3000, even if they won't auto-focus with it.

    Edit: I'd pick the D3000 but only because I already have a load of Nikon stuff. If I were starting out now, could well be that I'd decide on the 1000D
  18. Atavar

    Atavar Well-Known Member

    I had this disision to make back in the day. I went Nikon as any lens f-mount in the last 50 years will fit and work (AI chip notwithstanding) on my nikon. Canon put me off as they had changed their mount somewhat and if i bought the wrong second hand lens it could break my mirror.

    Thats pritty much it... oh, and the smashing red bit on the hand grip. can't beat a bit of cool.
  19. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Eh? Canon changed their lens mount over 20 years ago, and apart from adding the EF-S mount for APS-C, it remains unchanged. It's not physically possible to mount a Canon lens that will break the mirror on any EOS camera. Conversely, it is possible (although VERY unlikely, given the price) to fit F mount Nikon lenses on a D3000 (or any other modern Nikon) that WILL break the mirror.

    Any EF or EF-S lens from the last 20 years can fit and autofocus on a 1000D, whereas only lenses with a motor in will AF on a D3000, and older lenses won't even meter if they fit at all (whereas they can easily be fitted to the Canon with an adaptor, and meter correctly in aperture priority and manual). But none of this really matters to someone just starting out, it's just that it's a very lousy reason indeed not to pick Canon for a newbie because if anything, the opposite of what you say is true.

    To the OP, if you can't make up your mind which one feels the better, just get the one that's the best deal. They're both very capable cameras that are the entry point to fabulous systems, and as long as you're happy with the feel, you can't go wrong.
  20. Topconvet

    Topconvet Well-Known Member

    I purchased my last two Canon bodies from Jessops.

    I did so because they actually had the particular models that I wanted (bodies only) in stock, and I was able to handle the cameras before I finally purchased.

    I'd already done my research and so didn't need any advice.

    Having done the research proved useful when I bought a 7d. The camera doesn't come with a memory card and so I bought one at the same time as the camera. I was offered an SDHC card -- whereas the 7d takes CompactFlash.

    On another occasion I was sold the wrong sized filter. This meant that I had to make another journey to replace it -- but they didn't charge me anything extra for the (bigger) replacement.

    Still, I do get the impression that they have improved both in the variety of equipment stocked, and also the number of sales staff available, over the last year or so.

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