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Jessops Pan S 400

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by tamos, Sep 5, 2000.

  1. tamos

    tamos Member

    Has anyone any recommendations for processing this film that came free with AP the other week? I know there's a pound off processing but given the recent review of Jessops b&w d&p I think I'd rather do it myself and live without a full set of prints. I usually use ID11 or Microphen and may even push the film to 1600. Thanks.
  2. tamos

    tamos Member

    Jessops say:
    Your developing times for Pan 400 S at (ISO) 1600 are as follows.
    Developer Dilution Time (mins)
    Ilford ID11 (stock) 16
    Ilford ID11 (1 1) 18
    Microphen. (stock) 21
    As a rule of thumb you can add 50% developing time for each stop
  3. wyrleyrob

    wyrleyrob Member

    I had a lot of success processing this film in Rayco Mega Neg. This is a modern highly concentrated liquid developer that you use 1:29 to make the working solution. After a little trial and error I settled on 5 mins at 20C with two tank inversions per minute for agitation. I first teated it as an Agfa film and used times for that but found it produced a too contrasty set of negs.

    Rayco can be contacted on 01226 744594.


  4. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    What "film that came free with AP the other week"?

    I subscribe to AP, so my copy arrives by post ... needless to say I didn't receive any such film.

    Am I to surmise that this was only made available with copies bought from a newsagent, assuming it wasn't nicked by the postman?
  5. Col. Hogan

    Col. Hogan Well-Known Member

    It might be one of these things that only goes to the UK as I didn't see anything like that and I'm a subscriber too [in the US]. In the article or spot in the magazine where this is advertised, they usually say something to the effect of "only for UK subscribers". I don't remember ever having seen anything restricted only to store bought copies, but I could be wrong.
  6. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    Well, it didn't reach my part of the UK :)
  7. DHarman

    DHarman Well-Known Member

    Just so you all know, we (AP or any magazine in the UK for that matter) can't cover mount anything in the US. The US newstrade won't allow it.

    It is a combination of how the industry works within the States and (I believe) Customs duty for (effectively) exporting items to the United States.

    Sorry all you American subscribers, perhaps it's something to lobby about?

    Doug Harman: AP
  8. tamos

    tamos Member

    It wasn't a cover mounted film. It was a voucher to take to a store. Much like the film from Jacobs in a late November dated issue. I don't remember the Jessops film being a limited offer though.

    I liked ID11 1 1 for 9 mins with the film rated at 400 and 16 minutes rated at 1600. Sharp, good contrast, cheap.
  9. GCW

    GCW Well-Known Member

    Ron - I appreciate that I am answering this somewhat late, but I just wanted to put you in the picture regarding the free Jessops black and white film. This was not a covermounted film, but one that was available to reader via a voucher in that issue’s news pages. Therefore, as a subscriber you did indeed get the opportuntiy to claim your free film. There is no situation that I no of in which a subscriber would not get what the rest of the readers will get in terms of covermounted films etc.

    Garry Coward-Williams
  10. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member


    Many thanks for your message. Actually, Doug responded earlier along similar lines (via Private mail) and I'm afraid I forgot to add an update. Apologies.

    By the way, I did receive the roll of Kodak colour film that was covermounted on a recent issue. Thank you!

  11. cheesy

    cheesy Member

    Jessop's b/w D&P isn't such a bad bet just now. They're giving away a free roll with every order, in line with their ongoing colour promotion. The negs are usually O.K.as long as you've exposed normally, so just use the prints as proofs, do your own blow-ups and you still have a free film.
    Oh,and by the way Colonel,about that free film offer that started this particular 'thread'... Just cut out the voucher when your copy of AP arrives, take it to your nearest Jessop's.........and..err..enjoy your trip!
  12. Col. Hogan

    Col. Hogan Well-Known Member

    Sorry, cheesy, unless Jessops has opened stores in the US, I won't worry about it. The plane ticket would cost a fortune this time of year, though I wouldn't mind returning to London sometime.

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