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iPad App review

Discussion in 'AP Magazine Feedback & Suggestions' started by Stoneshooter, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Stoneshooter

    Stoneshooter New Member

    Feedback on iPad app.

    Instructions on how to activate said to go through iTunes, however I did it through the App store and downloaded the app, then used my subscriber account number to activate it. I initially tapped on the 28th July issue on black & white printing and it downloaded ok using my broadband connection. (I don't have 3G on my iPad) The quality of the mag as viewed on screen is wonderful. Top marks for this. As a long time subscriber, I'll still be reading AP in the bath on Saturday mornings, probably until someone produces a waterproof tablet.
    It wasn't all roses however, as the red page where you download issues is clunky. In my case, after the first downloaded issue came down ok it seemed to refuse to download other available issues, with the download button 'grayed out' and refusing further input. I guess that it's early days with the app and that improvements will be made in the future. I also could not understand why as a logged in print subscriber, the buttons for downloading some back issues only gave the option £2.49 to buy.
    In summation, great quality mag, but top level interface needs overhaul.
  2. Soap

    Soap New Member

    After validating my subscription i was able to download the last 2 issues.
    However today i got a push notification that the new issue was available, but after opening the app its asking me to pay for the it.

    What gives?
  3. KarenS

    KarenS Online Manager

    Thanks for your comments. It's good to know that you thought the quality was good, Stoneshooter.

    I'll try and get someone to look at the issues you both mention.
  4. KarenS

    KarenS Online Manager

    The iPad team want to thank you for your feedback. This is extremely useful as they are looking at ways of improving the app.

    Soap, the team think it possible that you might not have been signed in when you were trying to access the edition. More information on this is here: http://ipad.ipcmedia.com/amateur_photographer.html

    If anyone is having any problems accessing their free subscriber iPad edtitions you can find help on doing this here: http://ipad.ipcmedia.com/faq.html

    If you are still are having issues you can contact customer care at ipad_support@ipcmedia.com to check that your passwords and everything are set up correctly.

  5. Graham_Burton

    Graham_Burton Member

    I am one mail number three over this app. It is still asking me to pay for the mag even though I am logged in assured by IPC that selecting print subscribers get it free I will not be charged for the item. Try telling that to iTunes who want to charge me £2.49 for the privilege of reading the FREE version of my magazine.
    The first request was to clear the cache and update the app - no update available still logged in and still beng charged.
    Second request was the, to me, most stupid one as it is the one they sent you to in the first place so yiu can get the e copies. It's very strange that I can download any previous edition whilst signed in but not any future editions.
    I think someon has forgot to tell the subscriptions department I am up to date with my subscription and allow me access, is this a case of a flag is missing on the database it looks at?
  6. Bengeo

    Bengeo New Member

    Similar problem to the others, as a print subscriber I have been able to download several copies, but looking at the Store now I see:

    11th August - £2.49 Buy
    3oth June - £2.49 Buy

    I have tried logging out and back in but that hasn't resolved it.

    Have emailed the support address but I guess they don't work weekends.


  7. Scphoto

    Scphoto Well-Known Member

    Just trying it now, I like the look so far (free sample) chances are I'll subscribe once my Zinio subscription runs out.

    You might want to have a look at the app store text as it reads:

    Single Issue £2.49
    Month Sub £1.99
    Annual Sub £79.99

    Just a quick question, how quick are the new editions available? Currently the Zinio edition arrives on Late Monday Night/Tuesday (print subs often get the copy on Saturday).
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2012
  8. KarenS

    KarenS Online Manager

    Hi. Have you tried ipad_support@ipcmedia.com They can look at your account/password and make sure everything is set up okay for you.
  9. KarenS

    KarenS Online Manager

    Thanks for spotting that, it does look like it might be an issue, so I've passed your comment on.

    I don't know about the timing. I'll try and find out and let you know.
  10. Soap

    Soap New Member

    According to the App I'm signed in.
    A few days after my original post I was subsequently able to download a couple of back issues and the 4th August issue, however 11th August is still showing as £2.49

    I suspect that a few days after the next issue goes online I will also be able to download the 11th for free. Kinda defeats the objective though if I can only read a digital issue more than a week after the hard copy has been posted through my letterbox.
  11. KarenS

    KarenS Online Manager

    Having spoken again to the iPad team, I can confirm that the iPad version will be available the same time the magazine goes on sale (so the Tuesday).

    The price quoted (£1.99) is that of a weekly subscription. They are going to amend the description to reflect this.

    There seems to have been a technical issue with the newer issues being released too early, which means you might have had the option to download an issue that wasn't yet ready (hence why you couldn't actually access it). This should be sorted soon.

    If you have any other problems downloading other issues though, please do try the support email (ipad_support@ipcmedia.com)

    Hope this answers all your questions.
  12. AlecM

    AlecM MiniMe

    What is the cover date of the current (today) issue because there's not one on the app or on Zinio at present?
  13. AlecM

    AlecM MiniMe

    Well, it's Zinio 1, App 0.
    Still no issue on news-stand, but Zinio have theirs.
    If Zinio is always going to be first, then it's not worth changing.
    Can you read the app issue on an iMac? If not, that's anther reason to stick with Zinio, though I think I prefer the nav tools on the app.
  14. KarenS

    KarenS Online Manager

    The latest edition is usually live by Tuesday midday.

    Unfortunately you need an iPad to view the content.
  15. AlecM

    AlecM MiniMe

    Downloaded on Zinio a short while ago as the app wasn't ready.
    I have a 'Pad, but Zinio do a reader which allows me to view on my iMac as well. Currently, newsstand doesn't offer this feature, but I for one, would find it useful.
    It would be great to be able to read across the platforms as I also use a MacBook, and to have all my media synched would be a distinct advantage.
    I think I'm getting rather too far away from your remit here!

    As previously stated, I like the navigation of the app - if it can beat Zinio (or equal) to publish time, them I'll probably use it.
  16. Graham_Burton

    Graham_Burton Member

    Well gents, shock and wonders will never cease. The support group sent me an email sayign please be patient whilst we sort the problem outy with the app. I left it until today - 17th Aug 2012 and then quietly logged in and voila! I've just downloaded the latest edition WITHOUT charge......

    I hope this problem is now solved gents but I will be keeping an eye on it...
  17. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    I was interested to find this thread as an electronic edition would be useful to me as I live abroad and get my APs in sets of 4+ when I get to the UK. Direct subscription is not of much interest as mail ends up sticking out of a street-wall mounted post-box and I travel a lot.

    Viewed on an ipad 2 the demo version needs to support reflow of articles to landscape format. Portrait text is too small and floating a Window over a zoomed page is very irritating. The App team could do worse than look at the good bits of the Sunday Times which although prone to crashing randomly handles reflow correctly and lets you start to read after 5% or so of download. Waiting for 100% to load, even if only for few minutes is a negative experience.

    Photos appear nice. Ipad is annoying in that it resizes ( download animage from Flickr and it will always fit the screen and go ne bigger no matter the pixel count) in Safari but generally image colours and definition are good so the medium is very good for the magazine.

    Shame really. Will watch ths space for upgrades but at moment the reading experience isn't up to other ipad ready media which for me are Times and Sunday Times at the moment.
  18. napster

    napster Member

    Seems to be a common theme with the IPC Newsstand magazines. Late delivery.

    If you search for the app in the Apple app store it s showing last weeks edition. I got last weeks on my iPad the day before this weeks came out. Still waiting for this weeks.

  19. napster

    napster Member

    Well still no sign of the latest edition being available on the iPad. I guess it will be Monday again.
  20. Bawbee

    Bawbee Well-Known Member

    Err, what's the problem here? AP is basically a paper-based magazine, the iPad version is a bonus surely :confused:

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