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I'm seriously tempted ... but

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by Footloose, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Footloose

    Footloose Well-Known Member

    I'm seriously tempted by the new A7, as I have a number of Rokkor lenses, (own a Dynax 9) but then realised how close the Mp spec of this is to the A850. Also, won't need additional mount adaptors and there are features on the A7, I don't, and won't be using. Admittedly the A7 offers better image quality at higher ISO settings, but then I can't even remember the last time I used anything over 400ASA. Since I've never encountered anyone with an A850 are there any other issues which I might need to think of?
  2. Roger_Provins

    Roger_Provins Well-Known Member

    I've had a Sony a900 since they were first released back in 2008 and I too have been tempted by the current Sony offerings - but so far have resisted.

    The only criticism I have with the a900 (and the a850 of course) is the poor high ISO performance. So I ask myself is it worth spending (to me as a pensioner) a great deal of money on a new camera just to be able to use high ISO?

    Sanity (and my wife) says no. :)

    Looking through the stuff I've taken with the a900 over the years I've seldom used higher than 400 ISO and the vast majority are at 200 ISO. Whether this has been through choice or necessity is difficult to judge - but I see few shots that would have been improved taking them at high ISO.

    I think it's worth always bearing in mind that a camera's ability to give low noise at high ISO settings is no indication of the quality you'll get at the sensor's native ISO where these early FF Sonys render outstanding clean detail.

    Of course if you need video, live-view or pop-up flash you're out of luck :)
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2014
  3. mike_j

    mike_j Well-Known Member

    I can't help with the A850 but I have an A7 and I love it. Is is extremely easy to use with MF lenses, I use a mix of Leica M mount and Olympus. Results are as good as my photography allows. I have barey used my Leica M8 since buying the A7.

    The lack of native lenses is a nuisance because fast AF is only available with them or the expensive and rather bulky LE-EA4 adaptor and A mount lenses, and the Sony lenses generally do not have built in stabilisation.
  4. Footloose

    Footloose Well-Known Member

    Well, it's the 'old' AF Rokkors I have which I have which has led me to consider buying a FF camera, and I'm guessing the A850 is as 'sophisticated' as I need due to the reasons I originally listed. Like you, I'm also almost a pensioner, and there's also the SWIMBO to overcome, but she feels buying a better body and making use of the lenses I have, is better than an A7, and then opening the door to subjecting me to the temptation of a bout of expensive lens upgrading, when she feels she can think of much 'better' things to spend this money on ... You've just got to admire their impeccable logic ... or else! Ha ha ha!!

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