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Help with settings on DMC FZ72

Discussion in 'Panasonic Chat' started by sassyequine, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. sassyequine

    sassyequine New Member

    [/QUOTE]We have a new Panasonic DMC FZ72, one of main uses is to take pictures of me competing my dressage horses. Attached is a pic from last weekend. We are very amateur users! So for this day decided to use AI setting, usually these come out well in fact the weekend before they did come out well. The day this photo was taken It was a clear day with good light. However you will see the picture taken looks strange with my horse being far too dark and its slightly blurry. All 100 pics looks similar.

    I think we have adjusted something when we were working out the video and inadvertently changed the settings, otherwise I cannot understand why AI wouldn't just do its job?

    Pls can anyone advise us what we may need to change/adjust back? I have an important competition this weekend and would love some good pics! Thanks in advance.
  2. BikerMike

    BikerMike Well-Known Member

    You say that you have attached a pic, but I'm afraid I can't see one here - without that it's a bit difficult to offer help.

    P.S. There are probably more viewers in the Help Team forum, might be better to post there instead of here.

    Regards, Mike
  3. davehutch

    davehutch Active Member

    I have the same camera and am getting on great with it , but like said we cant see a pic so its hard to comment,

    there is a setting to put it back to how it was when you brought I if all else fails

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