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Help needed....

Discussion in 'Leica Camera Chat' started by Aliera, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    "So what on earth has Bradford done wrong that deserves a visit? "

    Oh Geoffrey, Oh dear dear dear. What on earth has Bradford got to do with the price of chips, who mentioned Bradford. I have in the past told you of the dangers of inhaling. Please tell me this was a typo or I shall ask Nick to straighten you out, then you'll be sorry.

    Brid, Bridlington not bloody Bradford.

    However,now you have explained re your first posting I am sure that we are all in agreement. What you are saying is, if prints were made of your example and shown to Aliera's friend he would be able to give the camera a rough check. Now if you had said that in the first place, we should all have been wiser. Geoffrey old mate, please read Nick's latest posting and take that as an example of clarity. /img/wwwthreads/wink.gif

    Nick may I take this opportunity to say thank you for your clear, concise explanation. Indeed it was a pleasure to read your summary and I hope 'you know who' is now in a state of enlightenment, but I doubt it.


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  2. Canonball

    Canonball Well-Known Member

    I just knew it was a mistake to teach you how to edit your posts! /img/wwwthreads/wink.gif


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