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Help choosing which camera to go for...

Discussion in 'Fujifilm Cameras' started by Paul M, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. Paul M

    Paul M Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking of joining the Fuji ranks and have been looking at the X-Pro 1 which is currently being offered with a twin lens giveaway. Whilst on the Fujifilm site I see news of a firmware update for the X-E2 which apparently has the fastest this and fastest that plus will offer timelapse capability, and has a newer processor. The X-E2 camera is around £200 less than the X-Pro 1 and appears to be the better specified camera? So the question if anyone can advise which is the better camera and/or is there something key I am missing?
    Thanks, Paul
  2. Alex1994

    Alex1994 Well-Known Member

  3. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    I bought the E-2 some 10 days before the discounting started so all this £200 off makes me wince a bit. It is great image quality wise. I don't much like the electronic viewfinder which although it is supposed to be one of the better ones is no comparison to a FF optical finder (which itself is rubbish compared to a 6x6 finder) but that said it shows enough to frame a shot. All I can suggest is go to a dealer and try them out. One thing surprised me was that the raw files are 30MB so disk space goes quickly.
  4. Paul M

    Paul M Well-Known Member

    I think a visit to a dealer is the best idea although I think the X-Pro 1 is obviously due an upgrade so I may wait so I can compare apples with apples.
    How do you find low light auto focussing on the E-2?
  5. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    Haven't tried it. Don't do night work.
  6. willie45

    willie45 Well-Known Member

    Check out this comparison here. It should be helpful


    It's a good site in general but here's a useful forum for fuji gear


    FWIW I have an X-Pro 1 and an XT-1. I love them both. Although the latter is more up to date and faster, the XP1 is a cracking camera with better handling. I haven't tried an XE-2. At the risk of stating the bleedin' obvious, if an XP2 comes out soon, it will be an awful lot more expensive than the XP1 is now. I'd imagine twice the price plus a fair bit on top
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2014

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