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help blowing up images

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by belac, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. belac

    belac New Member

    hi there

    does anyone know off any good websites with either photos or diagrammes illustrating how to project onto a wall with an enlarger to blow up prints to poster size.
    i have been using this technique for a while but find it allmost impossible to fit an image perfectly within the alloted frame whilst maintaining a full neg black boarder, this is due to the amount of differant planes that you have to adjust both film and enlarger to acchieve a flat image on the wall.
    was hoping that some diagrammes might help me (or advice) otherwise ill have to loose the black boarder whitch i feel is essential to my images. any help usefull,
    cheers, caleb.
    p.s. how is this done for professional images in exhibitions?
  2. Simon E.

    Simon E. Well-Known Member

    You might be better off if you can change your enlarger so the head is on the back of the column. That way you can turn it all round and project onto the floor. Using walls is hard work and requires much fiddling to get it parallel. Make sure you have something heavy to rest on the baseboard or the weight of the head will tip it up.

    Professional printers either use massive enlargers or massive machines, it's why they can charge so much.


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