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Hello :)

Discussion in 'Introductions...' started by TangledGrace, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Bawbee

    Bawbee Well-Known Member

    Only if the new member is of a certain gender, if you catch my drift :p ;)
  2. mark_jacobs

    mark_jacobs Retired

    Just in the Readers Gallery! ;) Welcome Amy.
  3. P_Stoddart

    P_Stoddart Well-Known Member

    Now, now, don't be naughty. :D

    I have seen quick replies for other newbies of both genders. :)
  4. lisadb

    lisadb Well-Known Member

    Hello Amy, welcome to the forum. I see you have been kept busy so far...............:)

    I've been busy with my printer all evening trying to do a couple of prints for a comp I want to enter - it never works right when you need it to does it !! At least 5 sheets of paper have gone in the bin. :(
  5. TangledGrace

    TangledGrace Member

    Hello to everyone else that said hello :D

    Hi, thank you :) I know the feeling. The biggest trouble I've had is printing on canvas. Seem to have mastered it now thankfully. What's the comp you're entering? (And good luck of course!)
  6. lisadb

    lisadb Well-Known Member

    It's the 3 counties open photographic competition at Keele University. I'm taking the 3 prints along tomorrow morning. They have a selection panel so I'm not guaranteed to get any of them in. Oh well, if you don't try..........

    .......reminds me, must buy a lottery ticket tomorrow. ;)

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