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Hello there.

Discussion in 'Introductions...' started by norters, May 15, 2011.

  1. norters

    norters New Member

    Hello there!

    norters here, from Liverpool. Had a keen interest in photography in my youth. Lapsed totally after finishing university and going out into the world of work.

    A couple of months ago I bought myself a little S3100 point and shoot. My interest soon came flooding back and a recent trip out to help my very talented photographer friend left me with a great feeling of inadequacy as she pulled out her D90! That very day I went to a shop and she helped me select my entry level DSLR, the D3100.

    I have only had it a couple of days. The settings on it intimidate me a little but I am determined to get to the bottom of it! I warn you I will probably ask a lot of naive questions! This is because I have NO clue on a lot of things! My only wish is to learn what I can and have a great time taking photographs. I am even considering selling my Xbox to buy a new lens already :D
  2. Rupert49

    Rupert49 Well-Known Member

    Hi Norters, and welcome to the friendly AP Forum!

    No question is too naive I can assure you. We all have different levels of knowledge and experience; there will always be someone out there who has some helpful hints and tips to offer you - just make sure you place your question in the correct forum area! You'll find that there's loads of friendly Canon vs Nikon rivalry too, even among those who have 'changed camps' at some point.

    Enjoy your Nikon, enjoy your photography and, most of all, take lots and lots of pictures!

    Good luck! :D
  3. Chris Cool

    Chris Cool Retired

    Hi and welcome to the AP forums :)

    If you'd like a walk through on the basics of handling a DSLR then Click me... Although it's a Canon, it applies to all DSLR's

    If you'd like to learn more then Click here

  4. MrBlueSky

    MrBlueSky Well-Known Member

    Hello Nortors and welcome aboad :)

    Lots of help avaiable if you need it and if it's non photographic, then join the lads and lassies in the Lounge - last one in buys a round ;)

    Have fun!
  5. norters

    norters New Member

    Thanks for the replies! Also, I posted an image in the appraisal section that exceeded the forum rules. I apologise for this!

    Thank you also for the links regarding handling the camera, most useful. I had intended to go down to Crosby beach today with my camera but it is raining and I am scared of getting it wet :D
  6. Atavar

    Atavar Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum! Sorry i'm a little late, i've been a bit busy of late. Enjoy, and i hope your getting on well with your camera :)

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