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Hello, Newbie to the forum.

Discussion in 'Introductions...' started by ga-rat, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. ga-rat

    ga-rat Member

    Hello all, I am a 34 year old who has been using an SLR since my teens when I got interested and took a GCSE in photography, I saved my pennies and bought a Praktica BMS Electronic which i still have today, I bought it with three lenses, 28mm, 50mm, 70-210mm, you really cant beat a fully manual SLR to learn photography.
    I am currently using a Sony Alpha 100 which I bought new not long after its release (a good few years ago now), I have been really pleased with the results, I took the Sony route as I had been using the Minolta Dynax film SLR and Sony had bought Konica Minolta.

    I enjoy taking photo's of many subjects, anything from Landscapes, building/architecture, my kids and pets, I also like using slow shutter speeds with tripod and remote release (not everyones taste, a bit like marmite):rolleyes:, I do like light trails and smooth water effects.:eek:

    I am going to be asking advice about different lenses for the sony, I will put a post in the relevant section.

    Thanks for having me on the forum!!! I look forward to hearing comments/advice from you all, I am always trying to learn to improve my photography.
  2. P_Stoddart

    P_Stoddart Well-Known Member

    Hello back. :)

    Do you still shoot film or it is the A100 these days?

    I'm totally digital now.

    Used to shoot slide about 8+ years ago.

    Now they have killed off Kodachrome I would not go back.

    Roger Provins on here is a Sony users so knows alot about their cameras I believe.
  3. ga-rat

    ga-rat Member

    I do just use digital now, I was one of those people that held onto film as long as possible, I used to used slide film as well but most of my photo's were taken on Agfa Ultra, I loved the vibrant colours.

    I thought I always had a good argument not to go digital, at the time the Canon EOS 300d came out I had a BENQ SCSI film/slide scanner, the resolution I got from this was far greater than that produced by affordable DSLR's.

    I do have a couple of really old film cameras (older than my Praktica) that used to be my wifes grandads, an old kodak and an old voigtlander, I had thought I would like to put a film through these at some point but never did any serious investigating into what films they need.:confused: Good for a post one day.

    I did get into photoshop for a bit experimenting a lot or a little while but only for a bit of fun, I only every really used the Mac for adjusting sharpness, saturation, brightness and cropping from RAW files. I am a great believer that all the work should be done correctly from the camera, I still use a couple of Cokin P ND filters mainly to cut light out to allow me to use slow shutter speeds.

    The one thing digital has done to me is that it's made me lazy, I don't get many pictures printed, I usually plug my camera into the PS3 to view the photo's on a HD tv then I just move them onto the Mac, I have had photo's printed onto canvas/ mugs for gifts for my kids grandparents. Nothing beats having a handful of photo's and then passing them round for all to see..... must get some developed soon.:p
  4. laj

    laj Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome

    I have hundreds of photos in the loft, but now I transfer everything onto disc to store away. I have got loads of photos up around the house which are a focal point for vistors.

    Love Laura
  5. lisadb

    lisadb Well-Known Member


    welcome aboard. :)

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