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Hello from West Cork

Discussion in 'Introductions...' started by firefly, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. firefly

    firefly New Member

    Hi to All. I used to take photographs years ago with an old Practica (go on, titter if you must!). Had good fun with it all, but it then slid away with kids, and so on, and whatever I once knew now seems redundant, especially with all the digital developments. Looking forward to learning (and re-learning), though, so fingers crossed for future visits to AP!. F.F.
  2. Alex1994

    Alex1994 Well-Known Member

    Usually other people get there before me, but welcome!

    Practicas were great for getting people into SLR photography, and a step up from Zeniths!
  3. firefly

    firefly New Member

    Face Off

    Hi there Alex. Many thanks. Yes, it was all a bit prehistoric, standing with lenses and light meters, but my trusty East German piece of equipment did me well. I really need to find out what to buy re digital SLR, though, and while I checked the equipment threads on the AP I'm none the wiser. .... And my head spins with new stuff, I must confess. My wife brought from work (on loan) a topend digital Canon. It came with a 400 page instruction manual that contained a 30 odd page index. Jesus Wept....I sent it back to where it came from; I just couldn't hack it at all. But fingers crossed someone will explain to me what I should buy. I want to focus the thing myself, I want to hold it to my face, I want excellent photos. But I don't need bells and whistles. If you have any ideas I'd really appreciate it! We have a wee domestic Sony for the house - takes grand shots, but I resent all the 'holding it in the air' rigmarole prior to shooting. Really miss plonking it to your eyeball and zooming in. Can't tell you the last time I saw someone with a camera to their face (I'm short-sighted and feel this a real loss! I often wonder if any other glasses wearers feel the same). But I better stop with the reminiscent-cum-whiney-retro thing or no-one will ever speak to me on the forum! Chat soon. FF.
  4. lisadb

    lisadb Well-Known Member

    I've got my Dad's old Practika Super TL in a drawer somewhere - did try using it a few years ago but discovered that the seals leaked the light in.

    If you do get a digital SLR, probably most of the gizmos can be turned off or right down and shoot RAW files on manual - only trouble will be you'll have to learn some photo editing to get the best out of the images. Could always get a 2nd hand film camera and a scanner to digitize. :)

    Welcome to the forum - have fun.
  5. P_Stoddart

    P_Stoddart Well-Known Member

    Hello back to you in Cork. :)

    I think you'll be ok. If you used a full manual SLR it still all good. Except lot less focusing hassles. :D

    I tend to end up on manual exposure and bracket to nail the exposure.

    Used a MTL3 for quite awhile and had no problem switching digital around 2003.
  6. firefly

    firefly New Member

    west cork

    Many thanks for those last two replies. Yes, no doubt it'll come clear to me over the coming months, as I'm determined to escape from the non-digital doldrums at some stage!;) All the best. FF.
  7. Alex1994

    Alex1994 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, I think most digital SLR manuals are pretty huge!

    As P_Stoddart said, you can ignore all the modes, picture effects etc if you wish.

    I must admit, I'd love a digital version of a manual SLR, like the Pentax Spotmatic, OM1, Nikon FM ...

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