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Hello from Newbie

Discussion in 'Introductions...' started by N2N, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. N2N

    N2N Member

    Hi all,

    I have a avid interest in Photography and try to keep up with the latest developments in the pro and consumer markets but have never had the courage to upgrade to SLR technology as it simply frightens me!:eek:

    I am a fan of Canon kit and have bought a new Ixus to replace my old one which was getting on for 6 years.

    Joining this forum and reading from other members posts will give me the much needed boost to go for it!
  2. P_Stoddart

    P_Stoddart Well-Known Member

    Hi there. :)

    Have you tried the other modes on your IXUS, some models support manual etc?

    Which model of IXUS if I may ask?

    dSLR especially consumer ones are designed to be fimilar to compact and bridge camera users. They support full auto etc. The main difference is quality of image from a larger sensor and the lens being changeable. Which is needed when you have a larger sensor and want more reach for say wildlife etc.

    Plenty of brains on here to pick. Newcomers will be able to share how they got on with dSLR from the novice POV.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2011
  3. N2N

    N2N Member

    Thanks for your message,

    I will spend a bit more time trying to get to understand all the controls and read up on things like white balance, centre weighted means to quote a few terms.

    I have recently purchased an IXUS 1000HS only cos it was going was cheap, I have read the reviews on the Powershot SX230 HS and Sony HX9V but have not yet decided which model to go for.

    My previous camera is a IXUS 800 IS that has served me very well and takes good quality pictures.
  4. P_Stoddart

    P_Stoddart Well-Known Member

    Actually on looking at the specs I could be wrong it does not seem have a manual mode. It seems to be designed as a point and shot camera. Nothing wrong with that though. :)

    What kind of photography do you enjoy then? Landscapes, wildife etc?
  5. N2N

    N2N Member

    modern architecture is my thing, so I suppose urban landscapes
  6. P_Stoddart

    P_Stoddart Well-Known Member

    Yep, I've done some of that. Always looking for new buildings that go up. Last one I did is the brand new Southend Airport Station which has just open. Now waiting on the terminal building to be finished.

    It is posted on here in the Appraisal Gallery.

  7. lisadb

    lisadb Well-Known Member

    Hello N2N,

    welcome to the forum. :D

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