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Grytviken, South Georgia

Discussion in 'Photographic Locations' started by sagamore, May 1, 2017.

  1. sagamore

    sagamore Well-Known Member

    Way off the beaten track in the South Atlantic almost on the same lititude of Cape Horn. Freezing cold, but very interesting. Here is the abandoned whaling settlement in King Edward Cove, photographed from the top of a snow covered hill. Lots of interesting things to see and photograph. Long abandoned steam whale catchers, one still afloat. The hulk of an old American sailing ship that was built in 1864 (Jennie S. Barker). Countless abandoned buildings and workshops. Shackleton's grave, and loads of wildlife. My job took me there in 1982/83, and it remains the most impressive place I have ever visted. I believe some cruise ships visit from time to time, but well worth a visit if you get the chance.
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  2. Craig20264

    Craig20264 Well-Known Member

    Now that's a proper photograph!
  3. sagamore

    sagamore Well-Known Member

    Thanks, It was transparency film, fairly high ASA, because the weather was often quite dark down there. The shipping company I worked for turned it into postcards, and they continue to sell on board even now, over 30 years later. (Not the same ship, but larger replacement - RMS St. Helena). The small ship in the picture is the old St. Helena, in which I spent 11 years! 76 passengers, normal run UK to Cape Town via St. Helena.
  4. Trannifan

    Trannifan Well-Known Member

    There's a lot of interesting stuff about South Georgia as a whole on Google Earth and Youtube.

  5. sagamore

    sagamore Well-Known Member

    It was an amazing place. I went there several times in 1983. Here is a shot showing my ship alongside in King Edward Cove, Grytviken.
    Bob Grytviken 2 (Medium).jpg

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