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Discussion in 'Introductions...' started by sivyaleah, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. sivyaleah

    sivyaleah New Member

    Hello everyone!
    Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years. Somehow, have managed to get a photo published in a book and have had a few picked up for editorial use in local online news sites.
    I currently am using the Olympus Pen-F along with the much aligned cell phone camera (Pixel 2). I still have my first camera - a Pentax K1000 only to show how old I am :) While I also have a Nikon D3100 I never really got into using it due to the weight of the camera etc. The Pen-F suits me much better.
    Here for tips, to improve and share. I shoot a lot of things, landscapes and floral mostly along with street photos and animals.
  2. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    Hello! Welcome!

    If you fancy sharing any images,
    • The Appraisal Gallery is for critique of your photographs (i.e. you post, we'll critique, or you can read and provide constructive critique on stuff there)
    • The Exhibition Lounge is for non-critique of photographs and often commentary about content (i.e. you post and we'll go 'lovely cat')
    This post - http://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/forums/threads/how-to-post-images-updated.133860/ - describes how to upload images.

    Otherwise, pull up a chair and join in.
  3. sivyaleah

    sivyaleah New Member

    Thanks very much Tony.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone's work

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