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Getting started - again...

Discussion in 'Introductions...' started by Camera Bag, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. Camera Bag

    Camera Bag New Member

    Just joined, I live in Hull, I've been interested in photography most of my life, starting with an unknown manual 35mm SLR camera put in my hands by my dad on school trips (he had a Leica but I don't think that was the camera he trusted me with!) - he never thought to teach me how to use it though, he used to wave his light meter outside and set the exposure for me, and I'd come back with wildly overexposed photos because the morning was grey and the sun came out later in the day! I was also very self conscious lugging a lumpy great camera in a leather case around while all my friends had trendy new instamatics! Eventually I saved up and bought something small and plastic and not quite as good as a pinhole camera, and sacrificed quality for conformity.

    As a student I got inspired and bought myself a Minolta 300X which is probably still in a cupboard somewhere. Then kind of put it down and got lazy using little pocket things.

    Then as an adult I got inspired again and bought my D80. Then the advent of smart phones meant I stopped wanting to carry it around any more till a couple of years ago I volunteered at my local Oxfam and started photographing stuff to list online which has forced me to try to get the better of my flash - however it's my stepdaughter's wedding next week so I've been studying and practising in earnest and thanks to Youtube I finally understand!

    My photography role model is Jane Bown - apparently she used to shove an angle poise lamp in a carrier bag and go and to her portrait shoots with that - my kind of photographer! And I do like portrait photography, with available light though, rather than in a studio.

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