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Discussion in 'Fujifilm Cameras' started by Von_Ryan, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Von_Ryan

    Von_Ryan Active Member

    I need to replace my S5600. I would like a similar spec camera with a x 6+ zoom, Maybe IS would be a bonus. Camera used for everything from landscapes to party pics.

    Any views the following:

    Fuji S6500
    Panasonic FZ7/8
    Ricoh R6
    Canon A710 is

    Or any other suggestions?

    Funds limited to about £220

    Many thanks

  2. Dom_Rivers

    Dom_Rivers Well-Known Member

    If you like doing landscapes then you are going to need a zoom range that starts at 28mm. if you want to do low light action, like parties and pubs etc, then ideally you will have a lens that has a wide aperture (F2.8 or less) and a camera with fairly good high iso performance (IS won't help you here, unless you can convince everyone to stand dead still).
    Theoretically the 6500 fits the bill nicely.
  3. IvorETower

    IvorETower Little Buttercup

    Fuji S6500 is currently on special offer at PC World/Currys, for £199. No image stabilisation though :-( and it's not as pocketable as the Canon A710IS
  4. Dom_Rivers

    Dom_Rivers Well-Known Member

    £186.00 delivered at Tecno and Warehousexpress
  5. fridge

    fridge Well-Known Member

    Nice and cheap at Costco if theres one near you iirc it is £170

  6. Von_Ryan

    Von_Ryan Active Member

    Thanks for all the advice, it looks like it will be a S6500.


  7. Von_Ryan

    Von_Ryan Active Member

    Received my new S6500 today, nice camera. Shame about the weather though, need to get out and take some pics.

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