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fuji s20, s7000, OLYMPUS CAMEDIA E-20p Digital SLR

Discussion in 'Fujifilm Cameras' started by shinobi, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. shinobi

    shinobi Member

    hi guys

    right i am stuck again i have just had to re think finances again this month. but i have been looking around i i have anrrowed it down to three camera

    fuji S20

    all i want to do is use the camera for snap shots of kids and family through to art stuf for my own benefit. maybe a back up to the f90x pro that i use working.
    new to digital on this so i need advice on waht is the best to get?
    i will need to get the images blown up a fair bit when printed and need to maintain the clarity of image. i see the s20 has 6mp yet the s7000 has 12 mp?
    Would this make a large diffeernce?
    Also i would want to use filters with the camera, hama, cokin ect with an external flash any recomendations
    sorry to go on and thanks for all of gthe assistance..


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