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Fuji GA645 Zi

Discussion in 'Fujifilm Cameras' started by Steve Lewis, Jun 29, 2000.

  1. Steve Lewis

    Steve Lewis Member

    I am looking at buying the Fuji but I've heard of two potential problems and wondered if anyone out there had heard the same or had any views. The first is that the zoom lens causes vignetting at the wide end of the range. The second is that the autofocus system is confused if you fit a filter, for example an 81c. If the zoom does suffer from vignetting, this would be even worse with a filter fitted. Has anyone any info on these potential problems? Fuji make good gear and I would be suprised if these problems exist but I do not want to make an expensive mistake. Any views/information would be welcome.
  2. Pecheur

    Pecheur Active Member

    Have a look at www.photographyreview.com where there are currently 11 reviews of this camera. A UK subscription magazine called 'Freelance Photographer' shows two images taken on the GA645 Zi in it's latest issue. One of them, at 55mm, does indeed show strong vignetting, which is remarked upon by the photographer. You will see from the reviews that some people have experienced focusing problems too, which, along with the restrictions of the zoom length, has discouraged me from considering it.

  3. Steve Lewis

    Steve Lewis Member

    Thanks for the info. I've checked out the web site you mentioned and the camera does not seem to have gained universal acclaim. Vignetting and the focus system do come in for particular criticism. I've now crossed it off my christmas list :) Thanks again for the help.

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