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Fuji Finepix E550??

Discussion in 'Fujifilm Cameras' started by ceefer, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. ceefer

    ceefer New Member

    I've been tasked by my wife and sister with selecting a digital camera for my brother-in-law as a birthday present. Budget £200 maximum.
    I spent most of yesterday evening and this evening reading reviews and going back through all the 'which camera should I buy?' posts in this forum and finally decided on the Fuji Finepix E550 which is currently on offer at Amazon for £159.99 and seems to offer all the features he wants. Add in a 256mb memory card and it comes in nicely under the £200 mark.
    However, this camera is plastic bodied. Is this something I should be concerned about?
    Does anyone have any other recommendations?
  2. FujiSigmaNolta

    FujiSigmaNolta Well-Known Member

    Not really on that type of camera. Besides, the construction of most quality consumer cameras can take some knocks and the Finepix E550 is one of them. Coupled to that you have got excellent image quality. The only thing maybe I would advise you to do is to shop around in other internet shops other than Amazon. If something happens with it or if it comes damaged Amazon is either slow to act or simply doesn't act. Try www.warehouseexpress.com or www.parkcameras.co.uk . You are buying from actual photography shops and they have great prices going on all the time. There's a few others but I can't remember.


  3. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    It's a pretty decent camera, and that's a pretty decent price. Being plastic-bodied should not be of any real concern - do a search here on plastic bodies to get more info.

    Neither Warehouse Express nor Park appear to list the E550, and a quick search doesn't reveal any price anywhere near the Amazon one - the closest are much nearer the £200 mark, even from 7dayshop, without the memory card.
    At that price, I can't think of a much better buy.
  4. ceefer

    ceefer New Member

    Thanks for that buying advice. I've had no problems with Amazon in the past so I'm going to go for it - in fact I'm going to buy two, one for myself!

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