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forum-newbie,camera-newbie,and in need of help.

Discussion in 'Introductions...' started by techphoberesol, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. techphoberesol

    techphoberesol Active Member

    Hello Photographers,
    i hope you won't mind my having come here.

    The last time i used a camera, it had a photo-counter 1 to 24, i rewound the roll of film and took it to boots to be processed.

    I have absolutely no idea of how to use a digital camera and yet i've been out and bought one, it's only a cheapo, we all have to start somewhere.
    And now i'm stuck with settings although i've taken a few snaps in the hope that might find out how to transfer them onto computer, but i AM worried about the camera-settings.

    Yes a disc came with the camera but i really would rather go without it, i worry about installing stuff like that, i'm sorry but i do.

    Enough said i think.

  2. southonline

    southonline Well-Known Member

    hi & welcome

    I would first check out Youtube - theres thousands of videos on using DSLR's then once you've watched those you'll have more of an idea and you'll be able to start reading books on your camera and finding relevant sites on advance skills

    Just give yourself sometime - and just turning the camera onto Automatic is a start as you'll be able to see the settings the camera used
  3. TimHeath

    TimHeath Well-Known Member

    What are you concerned about exactly, is it how to transfer the photos on to your computer and view them?
  4. Roger Hicks

    Roger Hicks Well-Known Member

    What settings are there? What sort of camera is it?


  5. AlexMonro

    AlexMonro Old Grand Part Deux

    Hello, Techpho, and welcome to the AP forums! We're always pleased to see new people, no matter how much or little they know.

    I'm sure we can help you with getting the most out of your new camera, but a little more to go on might be helpful - what make and model is the camera, and what type of computer and software do you have? By the way, it's not absolutely essential to use a computer with digital photography, you could just take your memory card along to Boots in a similar way to how you used to get your prints with film, but using a computer gives you a lot more flexibility. (In case you got lost somewhere in that last sentence, most digital cameras store the pictures on a memory chip embedded in plastic called a memory card, which is usually removable.)

    You can take the memory card out of the camera (there are several forms, but the most common one these days is about an inch and a quarter long by an inch wide, and less than 1/8" thick) and plug it into a a computer like machine in places like Boots or other big supermarkets. The machine will display the pictures that are on the card, and allow you to choose which ones you want to print, how many copies, and what size. Usually there will be options for some basic editing, such as cropping. You would then normally wipe the card to make room for more pictures, but since the cards start at around the cost of a roll of film, but can hold perhaps 100 times as many pictures, some people just buy another card, and keep the old ones in case they want more prints in the future, like keeping film negatives.

    Digital cameras are now even more automated than the last generation of film cameras were, so they should be capable of getting the settings more or less right for most shots straight out of the box. Most of the main settings will be similar to what you would've had on a film camera, but there will be some new less important ones, such as "display brightness"! :)

    You probably don't need to use the disk that came with the camera - I use an unusual computer set up, so most disks supplied with cameras wouldn't work for me, but it's never been a problem.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2014
  6. techphoberesol

    techphoberesol Active Member

    Guys, i am overwhelmed by your kindness, thank you.

    I have a Polaroid iS426 and yes, i know, bottom of the range.

    Well anyway, i put the battery and memory card in, switched it on, and was confronted by menus;

    Time day and date, couldn't even figure out how to set that.

    Language? set on English, okay.

    W/T button? What the hell is that?

    Insta-share, couldn't figure out how to negotiate that menu, it's set on Facebook.

    Well, i just kept pushing the "set" button and finally got a message saying "your camera is now read to use" or words to that effect.

    I took a few snaps in my garden, just to have something to transfer to my computer, but i'm worried about that "Facebook" setting, is it going to take me to the Facebook homepage?
    I don't do social networks, wouldn't know how.

    I have windows and the help and support thing makes transfering photos look easy, too easy perhaps.
    For now, i'd just like to master taking photos and storing them on my computer and take it from there.

    Thank you for looking.

  7. AlexMonro

    AlexMonro Old Grand Part Deux

    There don't seem to be many on line reviews, but I eventually found some brief specs, so I've got some idea what you're talking about.

    All digital compacts are controlled by menus - once they've got the screen and the processor that are needed anyway, they're cheaper to make than specific buttons, dials, and switches.

    I would guess that you use some buttons to increment or decrement individual fields such as the hour or month, other buttons to select the fields, and an "OK" button to indicate when the correct figures have been entered. What does the manual say?

    Most compacts have a basic control layout of 5 buttons, 4 arranged like the points of the compass around a central "OK" button. The up and down (N & S) buttons usually choose a menu option, and the right and left (E & W) select submenus. The up and down buttons may also increment and decrement numerical values where appropriate.

    Good, that helps! :)

    I'm guessing that probably controls the zoom (focal length) of the lens. W probably zooms out (reduces focal length) - makes it more Wide angle, and T zooms in (increases focal length) towards Telephoto.

    Probably best to ignore that, though it might be an idea to make sure it's turned off, unless you want all your personal pictures plastered all over the internet!

    I don't do facebook either, too dangerous. I know several people who've had trouble with stalkers etc from that.

    Does your computer have a memory card slot, a USB port, or both? The memory card slot is probably easiest. If things are set up in the conventional way, you should be able to plug the memory card into the slot, and a window will pop up telling you that a new removable drive has been inserted. You can then use file manager to copy the photos (usually as .jpg files in the DCIF folder of the memory card) onto your hard disk.

    If your computer only has a USB port, there should be a cable which allows you to connect the camera, but you might need to change a setting in a menu somewhere for Windows to be able to see it. Check the manual. Alternatively, you could get a card reader that plugs into the USB port - simple ones are only a fiver or so.

    Before you start, you might want to give some thought about how you want to organise your photos, otherwise in a few years time you'll end up with a My Pictures folder with thousands of files called things like DSC_0001.jpg to DSC_9999.jpg, and not the slightest idea as to which is what. You might want to rename the files to something more meaningful, such as "AuntieMabel90thBirthday01.jpg" or "SummerHols2014Scotland42.jpg".

    Hope this is some help. Having a good read of the manual might be an idea too. Don't hesitate to come back and ask more questions if you need to. I look forward to seeing some of your pictures in due course.
  8. techphoberesol

    techphoberesol Active Member

    Thank you for your response AlexMonro, i have much to consider.

    Firstly the W/T button, i'll check that out next time i feel like using the camera.

    There's an insta-share button. When i press it i get the list of options, facebook shaded in blue suggesting that that's the setting, and i don't know if it's actually switched on, or if it is, how to turn it off.

    I got a usb cable with the camera and that part seems quite straight forward although i doubt that it is.

    thank you for you time,


    There is no manual, it's all on the disc i suppose.
    Just a small piece of paper listing key-features on the camera and how to install the software.

    I'd really like to have a printed manual. I DO need to sit and have a good read of the instructions. I'd be happy to buy one.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2014
  9. techphoberesol

    techphoberesol Active Member

    Should any photos of mine wing their way to facebook, it wouldn't be the end of the world i suppose.
    And i would probably never know.
  10. techphoberesol

    techphoberesol Active Member

    There is an address on the " Quick start guide". I might just write to them and ask for a printed manual.
  11. southonline

    southonline Well-Known Member

  12. Snorri

    Snorri Well-Known Member

    Usually when you plug a camera to a usb port in windows and choise the view mode (the one that shows the pictures on the camera LCD) windows will offer to import the pictures to "My pictures" folder. Should be very straight forward.

    And yes, welcome to the forums :)
  13. techphoberesol

    techphoberesol Active Member

  14. techphoberesol

    techphoberesol Active Member

    And thank you snorri.
  15. techphoberesol

    techphoberesol Active Member

    Sorry southonline, downloading stuff scares the hell out of me.

    If i can find a local expert, i don't mind paying to have it set up.
  16. techphoberesol

    techphoberesol Active Member

    Plan B.

    Have written to the address supplied requesting a printed manual.

    We shall see.
  17. southonline

    southonline Well-Known Member

    OK no probs, but you could just read it online as the manual isn't that big
  18. techphoberesol

    techphoberesol Active Member

    Oh dear,
    i missed that.
    All i saw was DOWNLOAD.
    Never mind, will see what comes of written request.

    thanks again for your time.

  19. AlexMonro

    AlexMonro Old Grand Part Deux

    Perhaps you could just ask in the shop where you bought it? I'm sure if they have any concept of customer service, they won't mind giving a few minutes to at least tunrn of the Facebook thing.
  20. techphoberesol

    techphoberesol Active Member

    i bought it at Argos.

    I'll just let it ride for now.
    Maybe something'll turn up.

    It may well be that the insta-share thing is only there to facilitate and merely an option, and maybe i've just got to try it and see.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2014

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