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Firmware update for the PEN series

Discussion in 'Olympus Chat' started by nspur, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. nspur

    nspur Well-Known Member

    Available today, this firmware update produces a dramatic speed-up in autofocus, at least as fast as Panasonic G1/GF1 when using the same lenses but what is peculiar is that if you assign AF to the Function button then the camera appears to use the earlier algorithm which is slower.
  2. Results for me are less than positive.

    You don't say which camera you have but I have just updated my E-P1 to V1.4.

    I'm not noticing any improvement over V1.2 (my wife's GF1 still wins hands down)but I have seen two negative points.

    Firstly I am getting a higher than expected number of shots where the camera claims to be in focus (green light+beep)but has actually failed to focus.

    Secondly in SingleAF+MF mode and in MF mode grabbing the focus ring used to cause the LCD screen to zoom in on the view for critical focussing. This no longer happens. The focus ring just works as with a "normal" camera.

    Both of the above problems occur with my 14-42 kit lens and my Panasonic 20mm pancake.

    E-P1 focussing is more of a gamble than it ever was.

  3. Re: Firmware update for the PEN series - MY FINGER TROUBLE

    I can be more positive now. The zoom problem was down to me having pressed INFO one too many times putting the camera in a different zoom mode where you have to press OK to get an enlarged view.

    I still feel I am getting more false "in focus" confirmations, which is explainable if the new algorithmn is trying to make decisions more quickly.

    But focus does seem faster using the Panasonic Pancake if not with the kit zoom lens.

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