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Feb 17th - World Cat Day

Discussion in 'Exhibition Lounge' started by EightBitTony, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. dream_police

    dream_police Well-Known Member

    Those upside down plug sockets would really annoy me, or is the cat hanging from the ceiling?
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  2. Geren

    Geren Well-Known Member

    I bet they're that way to stop the cords trailing over the work surface. I have an extension cord that I hang up the same way for that reason.
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  3. dream_police

    dream_police Well-Known Member

    Fair point
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  4. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

  5. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

  6. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

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  7. Trannifan

    Trannifan Well-Known Member


    Mambo kept an eye on things............................


    Pepper...."Come closer, just a little bit closer....."


    Alexa the philosopher..............

    All three have passed on to that great heavenly cat paradise. Photographing the current FiR - Trixi - is going to be difficult.......

  8. steveandthedogs

    steveandthedogs Well-Known Member

    No likes from me on this thread - I'd end up with RSI of the finger!
    So, some lovely pics, one and all.

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  9. Dorset_Mike

    Dorset_Mike Grumpy Old Fart

    The sockets were that way up so that the plug on the extension lead would reach the socket on the wall.
  10. Craig20264

    Craig20264 Well-Known Member

    This popped up on my Twitter feed this morning. Thought I'd share.

    "My Army Is Ready. We Attack At Nightfall."
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