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Discussion in 'Classic Models & Marques' started by likaleica, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Staropramen

    Staropramen Well-Known Member

    Re: Kiev & fake Contax, etc

    Leicashop is owned by Peter Coeln: I think he takes a 'back seat' nowadays. Franz G. was always very helpful in fixing minor issues with equipment, finding the odd strap or lens cap at no extra cost. He now has a website called Camera31, located at, yes, 31 Westbahnstrasse (Leicashop is at Nr 40).

    Brian: The provenance of your genuine gold plated Leica is impeccable. I expect that you have it because you were the "soul benificary of Herr Georing's will" ... Drat, I thought I was the "soul benificary" . . . . Nope, on reflection I think that was Pavarotti !
  2. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    Re: Kiev & fake Contax, etc

    No I just remember what they said.

    Bought rubbish

    Paid rubbish

    And made a profit out of selling rubbish.

    Here's another

    But then you wrote.

    And the amount you state as similar was in my response to me saying I had bought around 250 cameras.

    No apart from interesting cameras such as the No Name, Military and Goi Institute cameras I only collect seriously up to 55/56 as I think those of later date to be of very little interest.

    Don't understand your problem. But quite honestly I am now rather bored, have it your way.
  3. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    Re: Kiev & fake Contax, etc

    Is your name really Adman, any relation to the Rutland branch of the family?

    No although Pavarotti would have been a fitting indeed suitable beneficiary to the Reischmarschall :D But wasn't that Nostra Damus although that might have been Nessun Dorma,

    Of further interest might be this wonderful camera presented to Grand Admiral Raeder by his grateful Fuehrer at the sinking of the Bismark........

    Click to view - 119k AND 800px

    Click to view - 800px

    I have that on impeccable authority, Yuz Kuz Min that well known E bayer from Kiev swore to it.

    Moderators Note: Brian, I've had to change every photo you have posted in this thread to links as they all exceed the 600 pixels (longest edge) limit for the AP Forums. Please do not post any more over sized images or they will be removed.
  4. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    Re: Kiev & fake Contax, etc

    Sorry I forgot I am so used to 800 on other forums I use, slap on leg administered.
  5. Staropramen

    Staropramen Well-Known Member

    Re: Kiev & fake Contax, etc

    Um, No and no. Should be Madman but my keyboard has a alfunctioning M.

    Leica IIIa - Der echte Artikel

    Didn't Rommel get one for his spirited defence at the Alamo?
  6. Kamepa

    Kamepa Well-Known Member

    Re: Kiev & fake Contax, etc

    This is childish forum bully boy type behavior ^

    I was talking in relation to Kiev cameras and not all the kit I have bought on ebay - but then you knew that anyway? We were debating ebay, Kiev cameras and you just twisted things around and start ruining an interesting. discussion :D

    I am very interested in ebay customer experiences as I used to work in a quality control type job.
  7. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    Re: Kiev & fake Contax, etc


    This certainly looks like a genuine Africa Corps in it's resplendent camouflage. You know very well it wasn't Rommel at the Alamo, in fact I think you are just being silly and upsetting what was becoming an interesting thread. I know Rommel was somewhere but in North Africa it was definitely James Mason, or Vera Lynn, on the other hand it might have been Edward Fox...........you know, that well spoken guy who had a desert named in his honour.

    The opening shot for the Battle of Alamein.


    Moderators please note............can I have a team point?

    Don't you just love the " Off the Shoulder " stance, nonchalant eh. From the elevation Monty, you know the one with one arm and an eye patch who does a St Simeon in Trafalger Square, must have been very near.

    To ruin the thread further, but as the original poster isn't around anymore.

    Are you a Major Sharpe fan? Always been more of a Hornblower fan myself, as many around here will testify.


    Never been known to confuse an issue with facts.
  8. Staropramen

    Staropramen Well-Known Member

    Re: Kiev & fake Contax, etc

    A month or so ago MW Classic had an olive green Kiev and lens, tentatively described as military-looking. It sold very quickly, and at quite a high priice. However, my friend in Kiev said that he had not seen genuine green military Kievs for sale locally, adding "but you can have any colour you want".

    I was thinking that an communist-red Kiev would be nice and was wondering if I could get Rob to order a properly overhauled one for me for under $100. However, sanity may have prevailed: I am hoping to get a newly-overhauled Contax IIa plus 5cm f2 Sonnar (maybe a f1.5) in a few months time from an impeccable source . . . with a bit of luck.

    Off topic (again):

    Sharpe? Hmmm .. an interesting portayal of a narrow bit of history, with some silly plots often with the gratuitous inclusion of a peasant girl plus some other flagrantly stereotyped characterisations. Of course, stereotypes are extremely important culturally, since without them we might have very little on which to base our prejudices about foriggners and the rather nice places that they should not be allowed to live in - namely France and Spain. Ditto Hornblower to some extent. All good fun.

    "Over the hills and far away". Learned it at primary school, along with many songs that were bowdlerised and bludgeoned into decency by Mr C. Sharp (no relation) . . also the importance of Empire Day and (especially) October 21st, etc.

    Final: The German military sure had a flare for "style" in uniforms (with a few exceptions). For the most part, poor old Monty had poor dress sense: just had a brown 'pully', beret - and lowly Ensign or similar.
  9. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    Re: Kiev & fake Contax, etc

    I shall watch for developments on your Contax front. Indeed they are lovely cameras.

    Although a life time Leica user I have always acknowledged that in many respects the Contax was superior. Indeed they were always more expensive.

    As you know I like my Kievs and indeed these earlier cameras beat Leicas of the same age for smoothness and attention to build detail. I like collecting them in pairs. These are the 1952 pair as they came out of the factory and the meter is still accurate to about 1/2 a stop in most conditions.

  10. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    Re: Kiev & fake Contax, etc

    The swastika isn't very PC but that's one of the finest looking cameras I've seen in a long while. :)

    Sadly that's all I can 'add' to this thread, knowing nothing of Kievs, Contaxes or Leicas. It has been very interesting reading.
  11. pentaxautoman

    pentaxautoman New Member

    Re: Kiev & fake Contax, etc

    Unrelated to the cameras but related to the seller i have a current issue with Rocky Cameras also. I bought a Pentax Auto 110 to use as a spare alongside my Super model, i am no expert but i knew when i saw it that something was wrong. The camera was described as being in excellent working condition but when it came the lens barely turned it was so stiff, the shutter was jammed open, the door catch was broken and the winding on arm was broken. Naturally i emailed the company for a solution thinking that this clearly wasn't the camera in the photo. After i had sent the email i looked into it further and noticed that the camera was made up of parts from at least two different models as the screws were a mixture of phillips head and non phillips head and at some time in the past Asahi made models with the two different screws. So... that afternoon i sent another email to inform the company of this as rather than swap the camera i wanted a refund as this was more than an error going on. As i had no reply that night (and thinking i was dealing with a business not an individual) i sent another email to speed things up a bit along with photo's of all the suspect faults and things with the camera and a screen print of what i thought i had bought.

    This is where the fun started. Rocky, as the gentleman calls himself, replied telling me i had 'problems' and that i had been abusive by stating that i could buy better quality cameras from Ebay. He told me i could not expect him to reply to my emails quickly as he does not sit at his PC all day. Now call me old fashioned but the company website does encourage us to think that this is a large, legitimate company trading online so i would have assumed they had someone online at least once per day. Next he told me he would never deal with me again (which baffles me as i obviously would not want to) and to return the camera for a refund. Needless to say i returned the camera for a refund and as yet i have had no response. I paid by Paypal so i have opened a dispute but just by Googling the terms 'Rocky Cameras' and so on it is ALARMING just how many similar stories occur.

    I no doubt will find a reply from one of Rocky's customers at some point here in the future or even from Rocky himself telling me i am incorrect and so forth but that is my two pennies worth and if anyone does want photos, screen prints or copies of reciepts/postage and emails sent and recieved unadulterated i am more than happy to oblige.

    Happy Snapping
  12. Staropramen

    Staropramen Well-Known Member

    Re: Kiev & fake Contax, etc

    I can't say that I am surprised by your experience. Rocky goes to various camera fairs and does a lot of business. However, the condition of the majority of the gear he sells does not inspire me with much confidence in the gear or the seller.

    BTW Sebsandiago aka Collecting_photo_gear, is now trading as Classic_photography_uk. I suspect that by changing his eBay trading name periodically his feedback rating looks better than it may actually be. It seems as though eBay allows an individual to retain their 'lifetime' sales totals, while the feedback may only apply to their new trading name: if this is the case it gives quite a false rating. I would like to know more, but I have effectively blocked several rougue sellers from my saved searches and it is no great loss: there are plenty of other first class traders on eBay.

    Daisy-chaining from that: If anyone remembers Paul Beaumont from MXV, he is trading on eBay as Penumbra. Paul is also attending many camera fairs in the south and Midlands. As a previous satisfied customer of MXV I am pleased to see him back in the business.
  13. mike_j

    mike_j Well-Known Member

    Re: Kiev & fake Contax, etc

    Getting back to Kiev/Contax.

    I haven't used a Contax since the early 60's when I was given one to use as a tog on the University student newspaper. It was the first high quality camera I ever used and I got to like it after a time though there were a few initial disasters. I should think it was a pre-war Contax II as newish gear was rare in those days.

    Since then I have generally had a Leica (still got my old Leica III bought 1964 I think) plus sundry SLRs until recently when I bought a Kiev 4a via eBay. It is a decent enough camera well worth the £20 I paid for it, not an ebay horror story, and it feels just like the old Contax I used to use all those years ago - warts (and Zeiss bumps) and all.

    Zeiss cameras seem to have a history of being high quality but, somehow, over complicated and unreliable. This Kiev has, no doubt, inherited these characteristics and added poor quality control and finish but I'm having fun with it and look forward to seeing the results of the first film.

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