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F27 Accessories

Discussion in 'Panasonic Chat' started by nicedj_d, May 17, 2006.

  1. nicedj_d

    nicedj_d New Member

    i've just purchased the FZ7 and was wondering about accessories for it, does anyone know of anywhere these can be purchased??
  2. APchris

    APchris Well-Known Member

  3. nicedj_d

    nicedj_d New Member

  4. Johnal

    Johnal New Member

    I have recently acquired an FZ7 and also went looking for filters and the wide angle supplementary lens. The fly in the .. is the DMW LA2 panasonic adaptor.

    I too found the site mentioned and phoned them re availability since other sites say 'no stock' etc. This site too said they did not expect stock from Panasonic for two weeks or so. Panasonic did not until very recently show the item on their web site (they do now) but the price is £24.98 (35+ euros). Select Germany on the Panas Home page and you will find the LA2 at 24.18 euros or, converted about £16.

    Thus the web sites are still making a profit at their price of £19.99 Ah! dear old rip off Britain. As a good European, I have asked Panasonic to sell it to me at the German price. No reply so far but then they have never replied to any e-mails sent to them with more reasonable questions.... Keep us posted on your progess with this fairly vital accessory.

  5. Johnal

    Johnal New Member

    Futher to my previous comment, I have been in touch with SRBin Luton who sell a wide range of normal and specialist filters holders and camera adaptors. They also make adaptors to special order.
    I asked if they had a suitable replaceemnt for the DMW LA2 but - "no" and they did not know what it looked like. I gave them all the details I could find and they came back with. "Panasonic have told us they are out of stock and fresh supplies are not due in the UK until the beginning of August, so it will be difficult to get one to get its dimensions". SRB was told, when they enquired about getting one to check what it looked like, that they had also been out of stock for some weeks now.

    SRB would make me one on a one off basis for £45 but I felt that was a bit pricy even with Panasonic charging £24. Pity Panasonic woud not get SRB to make a batch at a reasonable price.

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