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Excel photo-lab

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by Pat Baker, Jan 14, 2001.

  1. Pat Baker

    Pat Baker Member

    To continue with my saga about Excel they have now informed me that after badly marking my last film they have actually lost the one I sent them in November. I only sent it to them because they had sent me a credit note. What shall I do if they send me another credit note. Suggestion, please!! (What has gone wrong with this company?)
  2. frillyniks

    frillyniks Member

    Unfortunately there are very few options open to us - they, as with most mail-order photo-labs, seem to have everything covered by the small print - unless you 'notify them in advance', send your films by 'special delivery' and pay extra for them to be returned the same way. And to do that would be more expensive than taking the films to the nearest mini-lab. I think you're doing the right thing in bringing your experience to public knowledge, so that at least we can perhaps benefit from your bad experience. The Trading Standards Office, the Small Claims Court a claim against the Royal Mail - the latter limited to 100 times the postage cost for unrecorded items - all are possible, but time consuming avenues to seek recompense, together perhaps with yet another replacement film and processing voucher from Excel ! But none can make up for the loss, in many cases, of those unrepeatable images.
    If you are determined to carry on with mail-order, all I can suggest is that you make doubly sure that the address, particularly the 'return address' panels are printed clearly, that you obtain a Certificate of Posting' (free at the PO Counter) and that you put a sticky label with your name & address on the cassette itself. I've also known people to photograph a piece of card with their name and address using the first frame of the film - but there's a limit to just how far you can go !


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