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Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by daveproctor, Apr 23, 2000.

  1. daveproctor

    daveproctor Member

    I have an EOS 50E and have seen a secondhand EOS 1 for £550 in excellent condition with 12 months warranty.

    The camera is lovely to use but I am new to this and concerned that, with it being an older design to the 50E, the metering and focusing may not be as good. I know it only has one focusing point and no eye control but this isn't a concern to me, it's more an issue of speed and accuracy.

    Could someone let me know their opinion as I'm rather taken with the EOS 1!
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    £550 seems quite expensive, I have recently looked at one which I was very interested in, for £350 and it was in what the magazines would describe as exc condition with a 6 month guarentee.

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    Hi Dave

    This is Michael. The EOS 1 is a good camera, I have seen one and held it in my hand long ago. The camera the first professional camera that Canon made. To give you a short history.It was released in 1989. Canon asked some photographers what kind of camera they whated. They listen to them and built the first automatic pro camera, that had Cross BASIS focus system, 4 E.A modes, 1/8000 a second, centre weight average, partial metering 5.8% and fine spot metering 2.3%.
    2.5 frames a second from the camera and with booster ( 8 battery pack) 5.5 frames a second. Good LCD screen to display information. 6 zone metering.
    It replace the F1 manual camera and became a popular camera with the professional photographers. The EOS 1n and EOS 1v are the descendents of the EOS 1. For speed and accuracy, you have to try out the camera to find that out for yourself. I think the warranty is good, it give you 12 mouths for that camera. My advice to you is try it out and ask some questions to help you decide. I wish you well.
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    After 11 years of wanting one - I am now the proud owner of a Canon EOS-1 (no N). I previously had a Canon EOS 50E - which in itself I think is one of the best laid out cameras available, each important control was individually located - 'nearly' perfect. I got the EOS-1 for the spot metering. I got mine S/H for £400 and it is in tatty condition, but fully functional - well used and abused. It still holds it's own even with the IN, 3, and IV on the market. I think the EOS-1, and soon the EOS-1N will be bargains to snap-up on the S/H market. The EOS-1 is built to last and with my USM lens is super fast (you don't need the eye-control).
    Enjoy and be a proud owner of one of the best pro-spec cameras of the last 15 years! A brilliant machine for a photographer who knows what to do with it ...
    captainblack ... anon - still waiting for password

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