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Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by Britcat100, Feb 3, 2002.

  1. Britcat100

    Britcat100 Active Member

    Well hello to you all!
    God its been a long time since I logged onto the internet..moving house and al that jazz..but my problem now is that I have a room in which I have been told to have a darkroom.
    Right ..lets get to the point (not the pint BigWill!) theres an auction coming up in my local area and the following enlargers have been advertised with their lenses, they are all Durst by the way.
    D659, A600, 900 VLS501, AC800 Elite, and 3 x M800's
    Firstly should I bother going to view them or just look around and buy something out of the local area, secondly are they any good...I know the name is but..ohh what do I mean...look guys its 05.45 am, I'm working...shall I go and buy one...they might go for a song? If so which is best? I need and answer before 06.00 hrs on Monday 04/02/02...the challenge is on for all you Sunday surfers..its bound to be howling winds and pouring rain so why not reply?
    Thanks, Niall:)
  2. RonM

    RonM Alpha Napper


    Being totally honest I know nothing about Durst Enlargers other than they are highly rated and respected and any model should do an excellent job for you it really depends upon what you are going to do with it, my advice would be to get the enlarger with the widest range of abilities you can afford (i.e. one that can handle a wide range of negative sizes, has lens movements etc.) did a quickcheck on the net and found this site with some basic info re enlargers it may be of help.

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