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Dodgy printing at jessops

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Isokon, May 28, 2006.

  1. Isokon

    Isokon Well-Known Member

    I got jessops to print 100 photos with a small but of text in the bottom left hand corner. I picked up the prints 1 hour later and all has about 1.5 mm of text chopped of. All the prints are exactly 1.5mm short of 6”*4”.

    Should I take them back tomorrow, and get them to print them on paper that is 6*4 rather than being 5.9*4, or is it with an acceptable tolerance?

    All the files were Jpegs and exactly 2400 * 1800 pixels.
  2. ElectricPics

    ElectricPics Well-Known Member

    The paper's on a roll so it's made that wide and I'd say it's within tolerance. I always make sure that any pictures that go through one of these labs will be ok if they're cropped very slightly as in my fairly limited experience of high street labs the machines generally overprint the paper slightly.
  3. kerrin72

    kerrin72 New Member

    Take them back,they may not be able to sort out the problem, but if you complain you may get a discount off your next set you take in.If you don't ask you don't get.
  4. ermintrude

    ermintrude Hinkypuff

    Well, you're almost always going to lose a small trim off the edges so never put text too near the border, always keep a couple of mm bleed. But what confuses me is that you say the images were all "exactly 2400 * 1800 pixels" which is 4:3, whilst 6x4 is 3:2 so the images were never going to fit on a 6x4 print...
  5. Isokon

    Isokon Well-Known Member

    Thnaks for all the replies

    Opps I intended to say 1200 by 1800, I got my maths wrong. I got the file size right as I used photo shop to crop it to a 4*6 at 300 DPI.

    I can accept that their machine might not be 100% accurate but to always cut is 1.5mm too short consistently for 100 prints seems to be pushing it. I printed 100 so that have saved 1 print by adding up all those 1.5mm.
  6. ermintrude

    ermintrude Hinkypuff

    Their machine is obviously set to an incorrect speed/length and I suggest you just take it back and point out the problem, theyre probably not even aware of it. Having said that you'd think it would be obvious to QC that something was wrong when the text was incomplete - but you do get so many customers who are Joe Public and dont have a clue about image size so they may have assumed you had measured incorrectly.

    Anyway, take them back and see what they say. I would expect to get a 6x4 print even if part of my image had bled off.

    But if I have something that needs every pixel printed or to an exact size I would ALWAYS point it out when I took the prints in so that they could accommodate any possible problem.

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