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Do you find yourself buying more than 1 of something

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by Stephen Rundle, May 30, 2020.

  1. Stephen Rundle

    Stephen Rundle In the Stop Bath

    Is it me.

    I have four tripods, sounds stupid but pre owned they are bargains. Tripods that were many hundreds are a few pounds.

    I have one for the beach salt water, one with a Gimba, one with pan and tilt and one with a column that comes out at 45% ? for tabletop images.

    I recently got a mint GIOTTOS 9255 travel tripod for £23 ideal when out with my Nikkormat
  2. ChrisNewman

    ChrisNewman Well-Known Member

    I’ve also got four tripods, 1 old and not very good, 1 free and rubbish, 1 bought and in periodic use because its easily portable and 1 bought at a discount and in periodic use because it’s versatile for macro, etc. None are 2nd hand bargains like yours.

    It makes sense until you buy a second, equivalent item just because you’ve forgotten you have the first, or can’t remember where you put it. I haven’t done that with photographic equipment yet!

  3. spinno

    spinno Well-Known Member

    2 tripods and 2 monopods
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  4. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    Four tripods, two monopods*, eight camera bags, four torque wrenches, no I don't think I have a problem that way!

    *The plastic head on my Benbo monopod split so I bought another one, supposedly a direct replacement. Except that it wasn't, the replacement had an elbow between the top of the column and the platform making it longer and it wasn't true leaving the platform slightly off square with the column. I filled the split in the original one with epoxy putty and painted it black. I now have a spare Benbo monopod.
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  5. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    I used to have 2 of each but I lost a monopod. I have absolutely no idea where we parted company. I keep expecting it to turn up. Was a good Manfrotto too.
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  6. DaveM399

    DaveM399 Well-Known Member

    3 tripods, 1 monopod, and 2 torque wrenches. Camera bag count is almost double figures, I think!

    Can I mention 4 cordless drills?
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  7. John Farrell

    John Farrell Well-Known Member

    I have a box of flashguns - one I bought new in 1970, I think it still works - and the rest I have acquired with purchases of used camera gear. Yesterday, for instance, I picked up a Canon Speedlight, with a camera ( a Canon FTbN). The flash has a ring which fits the front of the camera lens, and detects the rotation of the focus ring, to give a clunky kind of automatic flash.
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  8. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    If you must, but I wish you hadn't!
    I have rather a lot of flashguns too! I gave some away a few years ago but I still have too many.
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  9. Geren

    Geren Well-Known Member

    Only two tripods here - a big heavy duty manfrotto for studio work and a carbon fibre giottos for out and about....or for when I need to shoot straight down as it has a removable/positionable centre column. That said I also have a little tabletop type manfrotto ball head for a much lighter camera and a gorillapod that now I've remembered I own it, I think I'll sell because I've used it about twice.
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  10. SXH

    SXH Well-Known Member

    Having read a fair amount of this forum, I get the impression that a lot of people here have (at least) two bodies, presumably of the same make/model.

    As opposed to those of us who collect cameras for one reason or another...
  11. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    Those with only two are being rather abstemious in my opinion.
  12. IvorETower

    IvorETower Little Buttercup

    I have only one body.........

    but several camera bodies ;-)

    Latest was an inspired purchase, E-M10 mk II with a sticking shutter issue and a couple of other defects. I paid a whisker over £90 for it.... Let's just say that I've not fixed the flash on, it but it does accompany me on most of my exercise walks/bike rides, when I can find the time to go out
  13. Geren

    Geren Well-Known Member

    I am small fry in the camera collection stakes but I still have more cameras/camera bodies than is strictly necesary. I have two full frame DSLRs which get used a lot, a smaller DSLR which I occasionally allow my daughters to use, a Fuji 100SX which is what I used as a travel camera when we were allowed to travel, a 'number' of 35mm cameras, a medium format camera and a large format camera. Oh and a little folding camera. Some I have because I just like the way they look. Some are fully functional. I'd have more than this but apparently I'm not the only person living here who wants room for 'stuff'.
  14. SqueamishOssifrage

    SqueamishOssifrage Well-Known Member

    Two? TWO? Why stop at two! :D

    2 x FF ancient bodies + BG, but with low shutter counts - ≈ 11k per body, so why change? They both still work as designed.
    4 x f:2.8 standard zooms
    4 x wide angle zooms
    3 x holiday zooms (24-135/200mm)
    6 x (at least, can't be bothered to check) tele-zooms to ≈ 200mm
    2 x 50mm f:1.4
    3 x tripods
    2 x monopods

    ... and I haven't used any of it since lockdown started - just my faithful Fuji 10X! :eek:
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  15. IvorETower

    IvorETower Little Buttercup

    Yesterday I came across the fact that tourism is currently not allowed in Belgium . How on earth have we reached this stage of affairs? As has been hinted at above, not much point in having a travel camera when travel is banned. Let's hope that this ludicrous state of affairs (IMHO) is soon past us
  16. Stephen Rundle

    Stephen Rundle In the Stop Bath

    Is saving lives including yours and others ludicrous ?
  17. MJB

    MJB Well-Known Member

    I only have one camera body. The only bit of kit that we own two of is a Sigma 105mm macro lens, because my wife kept taking it for her camera. We have a policy of not duplicating focal lengths for the rest of our lenses.
  18. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    I definitely have a problem
    7 dslrs - really trying to say no to #8!!
    5 Grips
    26 canon lenses - #27 arrives in a few days
    6 canon EX flash guns
    6 tripods (manfrotto & Uniloc)
    6 table top tripods
    At least a dozen off-camera flash brackets
    6 Domke
    6/7 lowepro??
    Plus a ton of photo accessories not to mention studio flash!!
    6 compacts

    non photo...
    Previous hobby, collecting SAKs & MT’s
    (Swiss Army Knives & Multi Tools)

    combined.....at least 700 most are boxed and most are now sought after and rare thus commanding silly money. (I saw it coming and took the advantage of buying cheap years ago.)

    Powertools ???
    jigsaws, saws, drills, sds etc etc
    Everything is triplicated 110v, 240 & cordless !!! (ex-tradesman)

    6 telescopes 30+ eyepieces
    3 spotting scopes
    6 binoculars
    6 monoculars

    I have a problem!!
    The worse thing is virtually nothing sees use now. Keep meaning to downsize.......Way too much stuff.
    Last edited: May 31, 2020
  19. IvorETower

    IvorETower Little Buttercup

    Don't ask me to count how many screwdrivers and spanners I have ........
  20. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    Please, I’d really like to know...

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