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December 2009 - FirstView Pictures

Discussion in 'FirstViews [Archive]' started by huwevans, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. RogerChristie

    RogerChristie Well-Known Member

    Practice makes …

    … well in my case a racket, hence the headphones!


    It’s cold and wet outside, made more unpleasant by the strong wind driving sleet horizontally past my front door. It’s an ideal evening for piano practice – with headphones on so I don’t set off the cat next door again!
    It’s also an opportunity to try my new acquisition – a second-hand Panasonic FX33 that replaces my FX30 that had a total power failure earlier this year.
    The built-in flash glares too much this close. I did try the reflector/diffuser gizmo that came with AP a couple of years ago but it required too much juggling, so I used the old pocket handkerchief method.
  2. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    Tis that time of year ....

    At the mall I where I work ....this (Tues Dec 01-09) morning at 9:30am ...


  3. quietangel

    quietangel Well-Known Member

    Taken yesterday in Edinburgh at the top of the big wheel - Jasmine loved it and wanted to keep going round and round and round and round and round .......

  4. zx9

    zx9 Well-Known Member

    Tourists Trafalgar Square.


    Walking back from Pall Mall I stopped in Trafalgar Square, there was a few tourists, a rather spindly Christmas tree, no coppers and only two CPSOs. I did get stopped though, by some tourists who wanted me to take a group shot of them with their little Sony digi-cam.

    M2 / Canon 50mm f/1.4 Agfapan APX400 @ 200ASA.
  5. ermintrude

    ermintrude Hinkypuff



    The condensation and mould is creeping back into the bedroom. We bought a dehumidifier to tackle horrible damp problems mainly in the living room, but the bedroom's a bit too far away to be controlled very well. Might have to get a smaller one to put in here too.

    Date & Time: 01 December 2009 08:09:08
    Location: My bedroom, NW London
    Camera: Canon Powershot S3 IS
    Notes: Manual: ISO 400, 1/125s, f3.5
  6. josie

    josie Well-Known Member

    Dancing Dolls


    Taken on 450D, 1st December, around 11pm
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