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D-I-Y flash diffuser

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by SQUIBLETTE, Jan 25, 2001.


    SQUIBLETTE New Member

    Hi everybody, Trying to make a flash diffuser for my Minolta 2800AF flashgun (no swivels or bounce on this old type!), any ideas anyone?
  2. frillyniks

    frillyniks Member

    Take a Fuji or similar translucent 35mm cassette container. Slice the bottom off it. Cut it from top to bottom, and there you have it. It will 'spring' over your flashead. It was a 'Quick Tip' in AP a few weeks ago.

  3. BigWill

    BigWill Gorgeous oversensitive Nikon-loving cream puff

    Ach hoots mon tha noo, ya danney want tae be takin the advice of that there sassachanac “frilly”, sure ye would have tae spend money on a roll of yon deer slide film tae get the wee plastic thingy! Och no, instead, tak the advice of scrooge mac Willy and ga for the cheaper option.
    Apologies to all people of Scottish extraction and to “frilly” (again) for what was probably the worst impression of a tight fisted Scotsman ever! Seriously though (is that possible with me!) “frillys” tip was excellent but if you want to be a real cheapo (like me), then take a clean white hanky or tissue (emphasis on the word “clean” here or things will get awfully messy) and place it over the flash head. Next, take the rubber band you have been using to hold up your trouser legs (because you are too stingy to buy proper metal bicycle clips) and attach it around the flash head holding the tissue/hanky in place. Result… instant diffuser. Like me, it doesn’t look too elegant but it works, honest!

    Big (tight-fisted) Will.

    SQUIBLETTE New Member

    Thanks a lot guys and gals(?), I asked for cheapo and thats what I got. Sorry BigWill but the plastic variety sounds better (and cleaner)! See you again, SQUIB

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