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D. Accessory - Portable Backup Device

Discussion in 'User Reviews' started by IanG1957, May 19, 2018.

  1. IanG1957

    IanG1957 Well-Known Member

    Hyperdrive Colorspace UDMA3

    I've mentioned this device on another forum thread - and I thought it about time I explained a little more. I've used older versions, which all work perfectly well with SDHC (FAT32) cards, but with the advent of SDXC (exFAT) memory cards exceeding 32Gb I couldn't read/back them up on the older units.

    Colorspace UDMA3-1.jpg

    This satisfies my needs - SD and CF card slots - a screen for previewing the copied images, and WiFi which enables me to copy individual files to a laptop/phone/tablet.

    (I personally can't see the need for two SD card slots - but what the hell, better than nothing I guess...)

    The unit can be purchased 'nude' (no disk) or with various size mechanical disks. I chose to purchase empty and add a Samung 500Gb SSD - this makes the thing pretty rugged. Note: HYPERDRIVE state that it won't work with Sandisk SSD drives. (But they don't say why)

    The unit cost 200€ (+25€ port) with an additional 113€ for the SSD. I ordered from eBay and it seems this was directly from HYPERDRIVE in California (I discovered later) - FedEx to my door - the unit arrived in 5 days.

    Very straightforward to use - turn it on, insert a card, select 'Import' using the up/down buttons and select the destination folder. At the end of the copy, the unit asks if you want to open the browser and check the contents, or simply go back and turn off. The unit copies and reviews RAW files from all the major manufacturers.

    The WiFi option was something I have been looking for in order to be able to preview (and post on Instagram/my personal site etc.) on a tablet/phone. This is setup very simply - either chose to create an ad-hoc network and log into it from your tablet/phone, or join an existing network. In either case, the IP address is displayed and it suffices to open a browser on the tablet/phone and type in the IP address to have access to the files.

    1: Simple to copy/backup files
    2: WiFi for file sharing
    3: Lightweight
    4: Long battery life
    5: Facility to recover lost files from memory cards
    6: (Not tested) Possibility to plug a USB card reader into the unit and backup from the card reader (micro-SD etc.)

    Cons: (Relative to older units)
    1: No way to plug the unit into a Mac and recover whole folders of copied files via USB
    2: No possibility to rename the incoming file folders - the first is CARD01, CARD02 etc. which is reset when the drive is reformatted (This was possible in previous units)
    3: The battery is charged via an micro-USB/USB cable (previous versions used independent 5v chargers)
    4: Via WiFi there is no way to copy multiple files at a time - each image has to be copied individually.

    I'm happy with the unit - it does 95% of what I ask - but it's a bind to have to take the SSD out of the unit and plug it into my computer to copy the files into LR when I come back from a trip. Luckily I have the necessary know-how/adapters etc. to be able to do this, but I will be sending a mail to HYPERDRIVE to ask if there's a possibility to add this to a future firmware upgrade.

    NOTE: I tried to read an XQD card via the OTG USB socket - this doesn't work, no doubt down to such a recent format.

    Image copyright Amazon/Digitalix24
    Last edited: May 19, 2018
  2. IanG1957

    IanG1957 Well-Known Member

    UPDATE - I contacted Hyperdrive and it the answer to the fact that my Mac didn't recognize the Colorspace was simply that the connection should be made WITH THE DRIVE TURNED OFF.

    Sadly, this was not clear from the documentation - and this now makes this unit VERY much more attractive!

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