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D Accessory - Kalahari Mata Mata K-11 Canvas bag

Discussion in 'User Reviews' started by andymcd, May 15, 2016.

  1. andymcd

    andymcd Well-Known Member

    I've been looking for a smaller bag for my Fuji setup. I was looking for a Domke (either F6 or F3) as I prefer canvas bags.

    During my search I came across Kalahari camera bags. Kalahari appear to be a German company, and make a range of camera bags in leather and canvas.

    There were two that I was interested in which were the Mata Mata K-11 and Mata Mata K-12. There are some Youtube clips showing the K-12 and I could see that it was quite big and spacious. However, I really struggled to pick up any information about the K-11.

    I usually err on the side of getting bags that are too big and I end up overloaded with equipment - but this time I forced myself to stay small and decided that the K-12 would be too big, so I decided to take a chance and buy the K-11. I bought it for £49.18 (random price I know) from Amazon here in the UK - they are in stock in the UK and are available next day.

    The bag comes with a padded insert, which I am not using because it reduces the available size by a few mm in each direction and I wanted to have as much space as I could - the insert has a twin zipped lid and is quite nice - but too bulky for my purposes. The insert did have a padded base in it, which I removed and put into the interior of the bag. The interior of the main bag is lined - which isn't always the case with cheaper canvas bags. Also there is a strip of velcro running all the way round at the top - this is what I have used to attach the supplied dividers to.
    [​IMG]Kalahari Mata Mata K-11 by Andy McDonald, on Flickr

    As well as the main compartment, there is a zipped pocket in the top flap (like the Domke F1x and F2).
    [​IMG]Kalahari Mata Mata K-11 by Andy McDonald, on Flickr
    I've managed to put a filter wallet with 7 or 8 Cokin P sized filters plus adapters and holder, a cable release and a hotshoe spirit level in there. I am not sure that I will stick with this as it makes the flap quite rigid.

    There are two expanding pockets at the front, these aren't huge but I managed to get a small flashgun in one (I will be able to fit spare batteries for it there too I think, plus a TTL cable I think) plus a spare battery and SD card in the other (which still had a lot of space).
    [​IMG]Kalahari Mata Mata K-11 by Andy McDonald, on Flickr

    There are also expanding pockets at each end of the bag, these are larger and would easily hold a lens.
    [​IMG]Kalahari Mata Mata K-11 by Andy McDonald, on Flickr

    This shows a Nikon 50/1.8E with the end pocket.
    [​IMG]Kalahari Mata Mata K-11 by Andy McDonald, on Flickr

    The bag comes with a wide shoulder strap, which has a removable non slip pad. It also has a small hand strap which you can remove and a waist belt (with a buckle).
    [​IMG]Kalahari Mata Mata K-11 by Andy McDonald, on Flickr

    The bag is deceptively spacious. This is what I have managed to fit into mine:
    [​IMG]Kalahari Mata Mata K-11 by Andy McDonald, on Flickr
    Fuji X-E2 with Cosina 24/2.8 mounted to Zhongyi Lens Turbo II adapter, Nikon 75-150/3.5E, Nikon 200/4AI, Vivitar 19/3.8AIs, Nikon 50/1.8E, Fuji Ef-20 flash. Plus cleaning kit, spare SD card, spare battery, Cokin P sized filters, cable release, hotshoe spirit level and Focus F1 strap (with Arca Swiss clamp).

    This is the bag with everything in it:
    [​IMG]Kalahari Mata Mata K-11 by Andy McDonald, on Flickr

    I tried the bag today and it was pretty comfortable and I'm happy with how much kit I can fit into it.
  2. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    This reminds me of the old " How many people can fit in a Mini".

    I find my XT1 fitted with a 35mm, enough, apart from the 14mm and the spare battery in my wife's handbag.

    Even this is too much at times, think an X100T might be the next purchase.
    andymcd likes this.
  3. andymcd

    andymcd Well-Known Member

    Trust me, this is a huge reduction in what I have been carrying around in the past.
  4. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    Why not get rid of the miss mash of lenses? Surely a Fuji 18-55mm + the 50-200mm would cover your requirements. Spirit level? You have one built in. Cable release, ditto use your phone, filters, why? Built in or freely available in editing software.. ZongiTurbo whatever, can't suggest an alternative, haven't got a clue what it is. Cleaning equipment? Never had use for any, just use a lens cap.

    But really it's your choice, just I hate carrying anything other then my debit card.
  5. andymcd

    andymcd Well-Known Member

    All valid points, but I guess we just have different needs/goals from our photographic hobby.

    FYI, the Zhongyi Lens Turbo II is a focal reducing adapter. This allows me to mount a Nikon fit lens to the Fuji and for the lens to have an effective field of view almost equivalent to what it would have been on a 35mm camera. It is my choice to use old Nikon fit manual focus lenses on my Fuji (partly cost, but mainly because I enjoy using them). I don't propose that this gives better results than using a brand new Fuji AF lens, but is what I choose to do.

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