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D. Accessory - Cokin Protective Case (P3068) for Filter System P-series/M-size

Discussion in 'User Reviews' started by Nikon_Peter, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Nikon_Peter

    Nikon_Peter Well-Known Member

    I purchased this from Amazon - the only place it was in stock - back in June (2018). I had previously used Cokin's plastic hard case to store my filters. That has 10 slots for filters only but with filters in on a walk they rattled like a maraca so I was very pleased to see Cokin release this hard case.

    How's it designed
    The case has a semi-rigid shell with one half containing an exanding padded filter-pouch and the other half an elasticated fabric-band under which you can put the Cokin BP-400 P filter holder plus adaptor rings. It has a zip closure with two pulls and can be fully opened so both halves sit flat, or through inner velcro straps, can be made to open to a right-angle. There is also a velcro strap attached to the edge of the padded half to hold the exapndable filter-pouch down. It is all black except for the white Cokin logo and a thin orange trim running along the zip.

    In addition it comes with a small carabiner and hand strap. These can be attached to an external D-ring where the case halves hinge. These two accessories are very useful to have and I have found attached the carabiner to the hand strap provides a useful method of attaching the case to say a belt loop or hoop on a camera bag out in the field making it easily accessible.

    What's it like to use
    The elastic fabric-band is a useful addition and holds the filter holder but not too tightly as it also allows for adaptor rings to be kept there as well. Given the size of this compartment compared to the items its designed for, it does mean they move about a bit but I have not had them fall out when I've opened the case. The band holds everything in quite nicely.

    The padded filter-pouch is very good, the filters sit in the slots with a nice and snug fit without being difficult to remove or put in. There is a slight oddity to it though. Cokin's packaging plus the description on photography shop sites state it can hold 6 filters while Cokin's own website states 5. The main expandable pouch does have 5 filter slots, the 6th refers to the space underneath this. This space is rather more open compared to the 5 main slots, so at first sight it doesn't appear appropriate. However having tested it, it does hold filters quite happily in this space with little movement. There enough additional space in this slot to add another filter or throw in a microfibre cloth or two.

    This is a great piece of kit with a couple of idiosyncracies but these don't hinder usage. I would happily recommend this to all Cokin users.

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