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Contax t3 vs Minolta TC1 vs Ricoh GRV1

Discussion in 'Classic Models & Marques' started by uhorten, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. uhorten

    uhorten New Member

    I am in the middle of a search for the perfect compact camera to back up my SLR collection. I have narrowed the search down to the following 3 camera's.

    Does anyone have any experiece with these they would like to share ?

    I went to the shops and both the minolta and the Contax looks GREAT... The Ricoh though is much cheaper...

    I need some advice - It is a jungle out there !

  2. fotoco14

    fotoco14 New Member

    I have a Ricoh GR1 and can honestly say I would not be without it. The lens is just fantastic. I am a Contax user (N1) for all my other gear, but I have not found anyone else who would say to get rid of the GR1 and buy something better.
    I do not believe there is better. Some of them may have extra modes or other fancy stuff. But I have used the Ricoh on Auto for tranny work and it is spot on with the exposure. I am sure the new version is great too but I will stay with my GR1
    Hope that helps
  3. uhorten

    uhorten New Member

    Thank you for your reply... I took your advice and am know in possesion of the Gr1s... I must say - It is a brilliant little compact camera which completly lives up to my expectations...

    Thank you again,
  4. Paul_Reading

    Paul_Reading Well-Known Member

    Well, I doubt you will notice much difference between any of these cameras all the lenses are very good. However, I have the T3 and there is one thing that sets this camera apart. The dedicated flash is simply unbelievable, I have never seen such a powerful flash on such a small camera and nothing is ever bleached out and it illuminates everything. I just had a holiday in Greece and we took some photos outside at night at some distance and the results could not be better with any camera.
  5. TommyCahill

    TommyCahill New Member

    I have owned and used both of these cameras extensively over the last number of years. There is a major difference between 28mm and 35mm lens focal length. Just make sure that you are happy with 28mm.Also the Ricoh lens exhibits a very small magenta cast. My personal preference is the Contax T3, I have owned 3 of these cameras and they are absolutely perfect for my style, mountaineering and landscape. I have 16x12 photos of the Matterhorn etc and they are perfect on Fuji Reala. I recently had a photographic exhibition in the Moscow state Biology Museum where all of my photos were taken by either a Canon 20D and a Contax T3.The quality of this Zeiss Sonnar lens is second to none. A few years ago the British Photo Magazine, Amateur Photographer had a special article comparing the T3 with the GR1, Leica Minilux,Minolta TC1, Minox GT etc. The Contax T3 won hands down and beat all the competitors! In my opinion I doubt if there will ever be as perfect a compact camera made.
    One word of warning…..the T3 had one small design flaw. The film take up spool had only one small little plastic hook to catch the 35mm film edge perforations. This broke off on many cameras over time and is widely documented on the internet. This actually happened to me twice and Contax repaired this free of charge. However now that Contax is no longer producing the T3 this could be a problem. Contax rectified this problem in the later production runs of the T3 by installing a take up spool with 2 of these plastic hooks. I have one of these models and it is absolutely perfect! Just my 2 cents worth!
  6. Paul_Reading

    Paul_Reading Well-Known Member

    Good advice. I think that the TC1 lens has very good reviews because it is 28mm and thus has a greater depth of field.
  7. submin

    submin New Member

    The TC-1 is a delightful camera, small enough and light enough never to get left behind. The built in flash is not as good as external flash unit from Minox, but saves carrying an extra item for the odd times it is needed. The wide angle 28mm lens is very useful for taking photographs in confined spaces. I have used it in rooms where my Minox 35 or Canon Ixus would only allow for the top half of subjects. I have also used it to get building full frame that would otherwise have nned a boat to get far enough away to take.

    The down side is that tack pin sharp 38mm lens. It is too fish eye for my likeing and the same problem is not found on my Minolta 7Xi 28-105mm zoom, my Vecist S1 with 28-80mm or the 17mm wide angle.

    In use the Minolta TC-1 is nicer to handle than my other cameras but the Ixus II is lighter and although the APS is limiting against full frame 35mm I prefer the results. The Minox 35ML produces better images and the 38mm lens does not distort. The Minox CD155 and CD150 are larger cameras but also give results that are as sharp and I do prefer the 38mm lens results. Gerald

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